Tuesday, May 20, 2008


  1. The kids were so impressed with the Step into Africa exhibit that they begged me to take them back. Savannah invited a friend to come along and we went down after school yesterday. We each walked through as a different child this time. Of course, I leave there feeling so melancholy... thankful for more awareness, but a little fatigued by the needs.
  2. We have a friend who is leaving for Sierra Leone on the 31st and will be able to take some letters and goodies over to Tejan... so excited about this and so eager to hear from her how he is doing. We've heard nothing. She promised to take tons of pictures for me.
  3. Of course, I saw her at church on Sunday, but not until I was in the middle of serving communion. At our church, people come up individually and someone (me) holds the bread, saying "This is Christ's body, broken for you" as they tear off a piece, then they dip into a glass held by someone else (Asia) "This is the blood of Jesus, spilled for you." As soon as I saw Kristen coming in the line, I completely lost it -crying great heaving sobs so that I could hardly speak. The poor people in line in front and behind her... Kristen was the one who came and picked Tejan up from our house and was there for the whole goodbye scene. She is also the one who lived in Sierra Leone for a year while we were going through the application process and who sent me the first pictures I saw of T. She had been such a dear... I had to tell her after church that I hope I don't always burst into tears when I see her...
  4. We have a big 'Asia's side of the family' reunion this weekend - the first time all his siblings will be together in 16 years... it should really be something. I've been dubbed the official photographer. Got my new camera batteries...
  5. There's supposed to be a 20 degree cool down today - from the low 80's yesterday to the low 60's today. I'm okay with it. I love nice hot weather as long as it doesn't go on forever. A few cool days are fine with me.
  6. The kids had their big school walk-a-thon last Thursday... I think we had the best turn out I've ever seen at our little elementary school. The whole inside of the track was lined with families there to cheer on their little walkers. Ethan walked 7 miles - Savannah walked a little less than 6... not sure what she was doing the whole time... Kyler came over to volunteer at the BBQ. It was such a fun afternoon. I know I've said it before, but I LOVE my kids' school. We're so happy there.
  7. We got a new chair a couple of weeks ago to replace the chair that Gracie has completely destroyed. The problem is, I don't have the heart to get rid of the destroyed chair... of course, I'm not letting the dog on the new chair - but I feel bad taking away her old one. Sheesh. Silly dog. The new chair is comfy and cute... I'll have to post a picture sometime soon.
  8. Class today.
  9. Asia's gone this week, home the week after, and then gone three out of four weeks in June. Ugh.
  10. Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooch you all on this lovely spring day.

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