Monday, March 09, 2009

Ten on Monday because Tuesday is going to be too busy.

  1. Ever have one of those weeks where every minute has to be carefully planned or else the whole world will come crashing down around you? This is that week.
  2. Missoula Children's Theater is doing a residency at Savannah and Ethan's school this week. I'm the lucky mom who is their contact person - so I get to be at EVERY rehearsal. I'm seriously SO excited about seeing how their well-oiled machine works. But it makes me feel a little crazy knowing how much time I'll be gone from my happy little abode. I'm such a homebody.
  3. My least favorite thing about Daylight Savings is that my kids are forever saying "Well, it's really only 7:30..." at bedtime. No. It's not. It's whatever time the clock says it is. I don't care that yesterday it was 7:30. Today it's 8:30. Now go to sleep.
  4. We had our anniversary party at the store over the weekend. Apropos has been in business for 8 years... I've been there for 5 1/2... I'm a lucky girl.
  5. Ethan had his first wrestling tournament over the weekend... it was a 'take-down tournament' - which is a short one. The next three are the LONG ones... but he still loves it, so we'll sit through. Why can't bleachers have backs? He did great for his first week out... no medals at a take-down tourney, but he wrestled well.
  6. We're starting to plan a summer vacation to visit friends in Utah... amazing how thinking ahead to warmer days makes it easier to get through this endless winter.
  7. Speaking of warmer days, Carnival needs to stop sending me emails with great cruise deals. Oh, how I'd love to be planning a cruise. Can't wait to go again someday... too bad I can't afford to take my family to Africa and go on a cruise once a year...
  8. I'm off this morning to wave signs on the street corner for our local school bond and levy... the election is Tuesday. I'm not typically a sign-waving sort of girl, but I really believe in our public schools and we REALLY need this bond/levy to pass... plus, my kids' elementary school will be replaced/renovated if the bond passes. If you're in Spokane and you haven't turned in your ballot - please vote YES FOR KIDS!
  9. I almost made it to 10. Time's a ticking and I'm off to the shower. Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Good luck with the bond passing! I've worked in a few school districts and know how important these can be!! :0)


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