Monday, November 14, 2005

Bring it on...

We're home, although I hardly recognize the place.

Our contractor was BUSY this weekend. The kitchen is a shell of what it used to be. Literally.

It's a good thing, because there's no more questioning in my mind whether we should remodel. It's underway - big time. There's no turning back now. I'll post pictures later today of what it looked like before we left and what it looked like when we opened the door.

Our weekend was blissful. S.'s birthday was lovely. She got to ride in the back with the dog (a lifelong dream come true for her - and no, I'm not kidding) the whole way to Leavenworth. Gracie LOVES car rides - and this extended version was no exception. When we got to the cabin, we unpacked and then started the satisfying process of unwinding and relaxing.

S. and I baked a birthday cake, which she decorated. She opened her presents (lots of clothes from Grandma, with matching socks, of course, her new bedroom ensemble and an outfit from me, complete with pink fur...) and we ate her birthday dinner. After a short dip in the hot tub, we watched the new Willy Wonka - which the boys had seen, but was new to the rest of us. I was pleasantly surprised - I'm not generally a Johnny Depp fan, but I thought he was brilliant in this movie.

Our time with Ryan was great. He is such a blessing to us. He brings such comfort and laughter and such a unique brand of friendship to our family. Our lives are so much richer from having him belong to us the way he does. Truly - there are few people who can embrace a whole family in friendship the way he has - and we love him for it.

We woke up Sunday morning to about 4 inches of snow. It was SO beautiful. After a cup of coffee, I took myself down to the hot tub where I watched the snowflakes make their way into the river... what beautiful surroundings to find rest. Of course, that only lasted about ten minutes, because then the kids came crashing into the hot tub. That was fun, but not necessarily restful.

I feel totally rejuvenated. It was perfect timing, since the stress of having my whole kitchen torn to shreds has the potential to make me extremely cranky... I have no idea where anything is, and how I'm going to feed my family for the next month is totally beyond me. Asia is in Seattle again this week - so that helps - the kids and I can make do with the cold cereal that is still under the kitchen island and that packet of tuna I saw on top of a box downstairs. We'll be just fine... I think I may even be able to make toast, as soon as I wipe all the dust out of the toaster.

My week is full with teaching classes, volunteering at school, parent/teacher conferences, cleaning (I cannot believe the mess) and scheduled trips to the hardware store with the contractor... I have a feeling routine is going to be replaced with gettin' by for awhile... and that's okay. Like I said - I'm rejuvenated.

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. corey4:00 PM

    How can you not be a Johnny Depp fan? that is where we are a bit different - but hey, didn't I always like "the bad boy" in highschool????
    Glad you are back and so glad you had fun...I will pray for you during reno's - I broke a vacuum trying to clean up that drywall dust. Not one of my fondest memories, but worth it once it was all done.

  2. Lorraine7:08 PM

    I think Ryan is extremely handsome. Love the eyes and smile. I will never figure out why that boy isn't married off yet.

  3. Corey - Johnny Depp is just a little too quirky for me... and he seems a little full of himself... I don't know - I can't really put my finger on it, but he just bugs me usually.

    Lorraine - he's not married because he can't get married. He's my back-up, you know... in case anything ever happens to Asia. You've gotta have a back up...

  4. Lorraine10:24 PM

    Yah, "the backup". I remember now but it seems just a weeeee bit selfish, eh? Share the wealth. OK, maybe I wouldn't either if he were my backup.

    I'm so with you on the Johny Depp thing although I did love him in Pirates. That's it though. Oh maybe not, I also loved him in Chocolat! He's a great actor but no crushes here.

    Time for bed. Hey, where's the demolished kitchen photos? You promised.

  5. Oh you girls. Johnny Depp is probably the dreamiest man alive; however, that said, he is NOT my romantic ideal. You both know who that is, ad nauseam. (Oh, and hi Corey, smart girl.) I'm glad you're back Cath, and that you returned rejuvenated. That's the mark of a vacation that actually did what it was supposed to. ~ Won't you be happy once the rejuvs are complete? xo

  6. Cath,
    Your Ryan is our Mark. (Not as backup though :) Just as family member. IT never fails to impress me how someone can totally become a "family member" and feel just like they just belong ! That is truly a gift from God.
    We also are blessed with Chris and Jackie as "family" God has doubly blessed us.

  7. I just remembered that sometimes Ryan reads my blog.

    Hey Ry. If you're reading this, don't FREAK - I'm just kidding about the back up thing - and of course I want you to find some wonderful girl and get married...

    (sheepish grin...)

  8. I absolutely ADORE these pictures. I will be back after my catch up morning just so that I can look at them again. Cute, cute people in your life, that's for sure.


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