Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting to know you Wednesday

So it's been awhile.

But I thought hearing from ya'll might cheer up my little snow encrusted Spokane self.

So today, if I get at least 12 comments, I'll randomly pick one and send that lucky commenter any CD from Your Music. Whatever you want.

So today, in light of mid-winter doldrums, I want you to answer the following three questions.

  1. To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to:
  2. My favorite winter memory is:
  3. I know Spring is coming when:

Okay, friends.

Now it's your turn.

Go to it.


  1. Good morning, Cathy!

    1. To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to light candles, bake, create.
    2. My favorite winter memories are the January births of two of my kids. Those definitely helped to break up the long winters!
    3. I know Spring is coming when the snow melts off Mica Peak. Oh, wait... that's when SUMMER is almost here! I guess it would have to be when I hear the birds chirping more and more often. They were doing it this morning, though, so I think they're a little confused.

    Have a wonderful day in spite of the gray skies. :)

    P.S. Has Stacy's new book arrived yet? I go on vacation next week and would love to bring along a copy if it comes in and I can make it up there before I leave.

  2. 1. The trip to Miami in January did wonders for my mid-winter doldrums.
    2. Winter of 1968-69 when my sister and I could step over the clothes line in the back yard. Lots of snow!
    3. I no longer have to wear gloves on the playground during lunch recess supervision.

  3. Hi from Maine, where it feels like winter will never end.

    1. To escape winter doldrums, I like to have a BBQ complete with summer foods, pasta salads, hamburgers or steak cooked on the grill, marinated cucumber salad.... all that yummy stuff we only tend to eat in the summer time.

    2. Favorite winter memory??? Argh. I suppose the time a few years ago when we had so much snow we couldn't get out of our doors, so my son had to climb out the window in order to get the the shovel and the front doors.

    3. I know spring is coming when:
    a. I see robins ( I saw a tree full of them on Saturday) and...
    b. I can see the ground, not covered with snow.
    c. I can smell the earth, thawing out.

    Spring can't be far away... can it??

    Happy Wednesday!
    Jeanne Reilly

  4. Hi Cathy,
    We are just finishing summer here but I wanted to play along.

    1. To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to go shopping or if money is no object, a warm sunny get-away.
    2. My favorite winter memory, or in this case the funniest, is when I was house-sitting for a bed and breakfast and it had snowed like crazy. Some guy friends had come to visit my friend and I and one of them (who thought he was pretty cool) came bounding up on the porch only to find himself flat on his back after slipping on the ice. No one was able to help him for at least 2 full minutes as we were all laughing so hard. It is kind of one of those "you had to be there" moments but it sure brings a smile and a giggle every time I remember.
    3.I know Spring is coming when the daffodils and tulips are everywhere.

  5. 1. I like to go to the west coast...especially Vancouver Island to see spring earlier...and to be a hippie- to wear flip flops and capris - do my toenails in colours like pink...ahhh
    2.When my boys get to play pond hockey in a winter wonderland...every year I am so thankful to be a canadian and to "live every canadian boys dream" in real time.
    3. When the squirrels start playing with each other again on tree branches instead of bickering about nuts or something in the fall...seriously this year, I think I was "warned" by a squirrel about the coming winter as I was still in summer mode...just saw the squirrels playing the other day - spring will come.

  6. Hi, Cathy! I don't need a RAK but I'll play anyway as I am definitely having the winter blues here :0)
    1. To escape the mid-winter doldrums here, I have been hanging out with friends. I almost stayed home today instead of going to play group because to dreary and cold, but went anyway and am glad I did. Erin had fun with her baby friends, too!
    2. Favorite winter memory - I'm not a winter girl really, but my newest favorite winter memory is Evan's love of snow this year. He loves to play in the snow and gets so darn excited about it!
    3. Spring is coming when the trees start budding and the tulips (my fave flower) start appearing around here. I love spring!

  7. 1. To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to:

    Go to Jamaica...Ha! Too bad that has *never* happened..*LOL*...

    I like to take my boys to the Dallas World Aquarium. It's four stories designed to feel like a rain forest and has a waterfall that goes from the top floor to the bottom. They have manatees, otters, monkeys, jaguars,'s just amazing.

    2. My favorite winter memory is:

    Well, I'm not a fan of winter...*LOL* I don't have a lot, but I do remember one freak snow storm we had here in Tx where we got about six inches of snow (which is crazy for us) and my mom taught us how to make snow angels and then she scooped some freshly fallen snow up in a bowl and made "snow ice cream".

    My brother and I thought that was just about the most magical thing we had ever heard of. :)

    3. I know Spring is coming when:

    Oh everything everyone has already said, birdies, squirrels, tulips popping up...and of course starting to panic because major *birthday* season is almost upon me...*LOL* (almost everyone in my family was born in the spring except me!)

    Thanks for the fun. Need to go work now.

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  8. I'll play!
    To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to: Lay on the family room floor in the sunbeams in the afternoon.
    My favorite winter memory is: Not a big fan of winter - so my best memories are of my kids in the snow - my dd's first sled ride was in the lid of a plastic garbage can - voila! Saucer!
    I know Spring is coming when: The grape hyacinths and crocus poke up through the ground. :)

  9. Hi Cathy....

    1) To escape winter doldrums, I spend a few days with friends in Eugene or better yet a few weeks with my friends in Costa Rica

    2) My favorite winter memory is visiting my Finnish grandmother in Hood River on the fruit farm in the Hood River Valley. Snow covering the huge yard and the orchards. Out the backdoor we could see Mt. Hood to the south and Mt. Adams to the north. But my dad and my brother died on the exact same day in December ...10 years to the day apart....and so my family tiptoes through the winter season always wondering at coincidences and hoping no one else dies in December.

    3) I know Spring is coming when it isn't dark at 5pm. And when I start seeing bouquets delivered to patients at the hospital and there are tulips in the arrangements.

  10. 1. To escape mid-winter doldrums, I like to go to the beach! We have been very fortunate to have gone the last two years (first hawaii and then southern california). These trips were christmas presents - we're hoping this is a tradition in the making!
    2. One of my favorite winter memories happened this year. It was a few days before Christmas and we went to Leavenworth which is such a wonderful place anyway - especially in the winter! We walked into our hotel and all of the guests were in their pajamas gathered around a piano, sipping hot beverages, and singing Christmas carols. There was a gorgeous Christmas tree and an old sleigh covered in a big white, furry throw full of laughing children! It was truly magical! Hopefully, another tradition in the making!
    3. I always know spring is coming because I get this urge to put on my running shoes and go for a run!

  11. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hello and Good Day!
    I find someplace, anyplace, to find some sonshine to break the winter blues. It is best if there are firearms and grandsons included in the day. Fun loves company...
    My best winter memory could be a number of things, but, my most significant would be deer hunting with my father when I was 16 and shot my first buck. We had a great time together. He is with the Lord now, and I am older than he was that year. Time to hunt with my grandsons and create best memories has come...
    I know spring is coming when I think less about hunting and more about riding my Harley; days when the sun shines, the days warm and I still have to work; that is spring fever...
    Grandpa Kevin

  12. 1. Soft music, red wine, candles...and a good book.
    2. Cross country skiing as a kid at Sun Valley. We had a blast!
    3. Daffodils start to bloom.


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