Friday, October 05, 2007


Good morning, peeps.

It's Friday.

There's frost outside this morning.


This week has been ridiculously chilly.

I'm having mixed feelings about blogging lately. Mostly because I feel like all I've been doing is whine about being tired. Or overwhelmed. And because comments are lacking. And because I can't seem to think about anything to write about except Tejan. And because some of the thoughts I'm having are too private for the blog - or too repetitive. Or too unformed to turn into actual words you all could understand.

So I'm struggling a bit.

And yet, I'm committed to documenting the process I'm in.

So I'll keep writing when the words come.

And when they don't, like this morning, when I looked at that intimidating blinking cursor and my mind went blank and I started to break out in a cold sweat and began by talking about the weather... well, then, I'll just gracefully (or not so gracefully) back out of the room... tail between my legs. Sheesh.

Happy Friday, bloggy friends.

Can you do me a favor? Pop in with a comment and tell me you're alive and visiting. I'd love to hear from you. It really does make me happy to know who's been here.



  1. I'm here Cathy. And I totally understand about having nothing for the blog. I took a three week blogging break and still have nothing to say.

  2. Do you blog before or after sending the kids off to school?

  3. Hi Karla... it was good to see you at church the other day... sorry I couldn't talk more. Good to hear from you.

    Stephen - it depends. If I'm up early enough, I'll blog before they get up. If I'm not up early enough and I want to blog anyway, I'll sit here typing while they run amuck and then have to run around like a crazy woman, making lunches and screaming 'GET YOUR SHOES ON!' - or sometimes I wait until they're gone and the house is quiet.

  4. Hey Cathy, I am still checking on my way to visit Ree, KellyWell and Fence. I hadn't written anything for a couple of weeks and people started wanting to know if I turned 50 and forgot how to type.
    Sometimes we just dont think we have anything to share or are just too tired. And Lord knows you have been busy with T,and your three and Asia, too.

  5. alive and visiting... praying for you this morning in your tiredness, as I'm knowing how that feels today...

  6. Love you, Cath!!! I'm always here.

  7. Hi Cathy,
    I visit often from my part of the world. I am really enjoying reading about your journey with Tejan. I can indentify a little bit as we are in the middle of adopting two sisters from here. Thanks for keeping it real.

  8. I really wish there was frost here...instead it is about 90...and soooo humid. Yuck. I want fall back!

  9. I'm here and love it...although I would be in your email no matter what you are my friend.
    I think that is what happened to me last year...(and my dad died) so I just had so much "unformed" stuff that I didn't know how to discern public and private and in between...I think that you have some good structure like ten tuesday and that question your audience thing on wed (?)- so you do have some stuff...I also love your pic's, for me it is like looking at stuff through your eyes - and I have always been crazy about what you see - you artist you...and that keeps you from having to write...just some thots off the top of my head....eek, I am feeling a little guilty - I promised to get my european pic's on facebook...I'm working on it...promise.

  10. Don't be discouraged. I check out your blog everyday!!

  11. Debbie2:40 PM

    Hi. I am here. And reading. And praying for you. See you Sunday!

  12. Hi my sweet Cathy. I miss keeping up with you so much. I have just been so busy. But please know I check whenever I can and I pray for you and Tejan. And know that I am so proud of the incredible work and effort you are putting forth to show love and kindness to this little boy who God first put on your heart and then put into your life. Blessings my friend.

  13. Hi Cathy,
    I'm checking in too :) I hope you feel better soon.

  14. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Still here and reading. When I travel out of town - it's GREAT to see pictures of Asia, You, and the kids. R sends me lots, and yours are nice to see to. Keep it up. Remember this is practice for your book - and the millions that will follow.

  15. Oh, friend,
    you are loved. Very loved.

  16. Lorraine2:43 PM

    You know Steve and I check in with you, right? He needs to make sure his wee sis is ok.

  17. I too am overwhelmed and unformed my friend.. :) :D.
    When I have just a snippet of time I read your blog and pray. I don't have time to write and pray, so I pray.
    I do... every day. For you, for Tejan, for your family, for you all.

    :) love you! :D
    (on a side note... 90 degrees here today, send some frost this way.

  18. Every day Cathy! Dont' comment too much as my time on the computer gets longer and longer...but you inspire me. I'll drop notes more often!

  19. Cath,
    we are checking in even though we
    are in Montpelier,Vermont tonight.
    Hang in there. Wish we could be there to help.
    Remember all the great memories you will have in the years to come.
    Love you,

  20. i'm here too-not every day, but i have loved reading about you and your family and tejan. hang in there!

  21. I'm late, but I'm here :) Love you Cath.


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