Wednesday, November 15, 2006



I'm scared of all the things I need to accomplish in the next few days.

And of course, I was planning a hugely productive day of errand running, and I have a sick child.

So I'm home instead.

Still working hard, getting stuff done.

Just not really accomplishing what I had hoped to today.

I've got lots of great pictures to share from the weekend still... we just had such a nice time. And here it is Wednesday. Ah well.

I'll pop a few in at the end of this post and we'll go from there, eh?

The other night at the dinner table the kids and I were asking 'either/or' questions of each other. It helps makes dinner a fun time for all of us - especially when Asia is gone.

So I asked K. a question. And he answered it, then it was his turn to ask someone.

"E. - would you rather," he paused while he tried to think of a good one...

"Would you rather marry Elise and live under the sea..."

E. giggles at the thought...

K. continues, "or marry Lena and live with a bunch of pigs?"

(Both are sweet little girls from our bible study group - E. has proclaimed himself smitten with both of them on occasion.)

E. took a deep breath.
"Ooh. That's a hard one..." he is visibly struggling and wants to answer the question carefully.

"That's a hard one," he repeats, "because I really like pigs..."


Time to go pick up the one healthy kid who's coming home after school today.

First, though, some more pictures as promised.

Cheers, friends.


  1. you guys are just too cute :)

  2. What?!?! No Gracie? How can you have a family picture without the baby? :-) Cute picture!!

  3. O, I love the family photo!!! You guys look like Grown-ups with older kids. When did that happen?

  4. What a fun game that is- it might make a good QOTW... my wheels are turnin' with that one.
    What a great family photo, Cath-- you have a beautiful family!

  5. Tawnya5:55 PM

    ok could you be any cuter? you are just so stinkin' adorable. looks like a fab time. love the pics!

  6. Wonderful photos. I love the one of the gloves on the hearth. And Ethan sipping hot chocolate.

    This is great because now you have a wonderful selection of photos to use in your HOF entry. (hint hint)

  7. What wonderful pics Cathy. You have a lovely family! I love all the details you captured with the gloves and stove and hot cocoa and snow. What fun!!

  8. I love all those photos. Especially the hot chocolate one, and the family one and the gloves. Okay, I love them all :)


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