Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5th?


Somehow this fall has been racing by.

I just cannot believe it's November.

The weather isn't helping - it's been much warmer than I remember this time of year being ever before... not hot like that crazy heat wave on the east coast, but not freezing either. Heck, my flower beds are still okay.

And it's November 5th.

I've begun my Christmas shopping... that feels good. I'm slowly adding to the piles of hidden presents. With the three kids' birthdays in the six weeks before Christmas, there's a lot of buying to do. So pretty much if I see something I think one of them will like, I buy it. I can use it somewhere - either as a birthday or a Christmas present.

We had a quiet weekend, with Tejan gone to hang out with his Daddy Chris and Mom Debbie - the founders of Children of the Nations. It was good timing for all of us. I think T. was beginning to feel a little homesick - and I was pretty worn out after that last surgery. He'll come home Tuesday night. I think we'll all be rejuvenated...

I'm off to wake up the kidlets. Got to get them off to school so I can revel in the Monday-ness.

Cheers, friends!


  1. Happy Monday!
    I'm so glad you are feeling rejuvenated!

  2. I'm with you on it being Nov. already. Yeesh. I have started my shopping too and it does feel good. Now I need to wrap. It just seems wrong to wrap this early though. :)

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I have some sad, but true, news for you. (in case you haven't already noticed)The summers race by, then fall races by, mostly winter drags on, then spring zoomz by, and it starts all over again. The older you get, the more pronounced it is. Don't believe me?
    Just ask your parents.
    Kevin in Boise


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