Tuesday, June 24, 2008


  1. We bought a new chair awhile back. It's upholstered in a lovely mossy green fabric that is extremely soft and cuddly. I love it. However, after we bought it, we discovered that the fabric has a definite nap to it. (For the 5 men who read this, nap is when the fabric lies in a clear direction. Think of velvet - how when you rub it one way it's flat and soft and when you rub it the other way, it's nappy and rough...) Anyway, because of the nap of the fabric on my new chair, when you get up and out of the chair, there is a definite print of the shape of your butt right there on the seat of the chair. I'll never have to sit on a Xerox to find out what my butt looks like, because I can see it every time I get out of the chair. Lucky me.
  2. I had a tough night last night with Ethan. Three or four times now, he's woken up with what I can only describe as night terrors... it's almost like he's sleep walking. He's clearly very scared, and shaky, and can talk, but most of what he says doesn't make much sense. It's pretty darn scary. And it's hard to get him back to sleep - he keeps getting up and saying the same things over and over. I do a lot of praying... and last night I ended up letting him sleep in my bed since Asia is gone. Not the best night's sleep, to say the least, since every time he stirred I was afraid he was going to start up again. Parenting is such an adventure...
  3. Kyler is at camp this week. Seems quiet and spacious around here without his big tall person(ality) around.
  4. I ordered my new glasses yesterday... can't wait to get them! They're sparkly...
  5. Savannah came to the club with me last night to do water aerobics. We had so much fun together. We had to bring E. with us since Asia's out of town so we had to rush out afterwards, but I'm looking forward to going with her when we can take time for the hot tub and maybe the sauna afterwards... good mommy/daughter time, for sure.
  6. We had the best Lemon Garlic Shrimp last night. So simple and yummy - lemon juice, garlic, lemon pepper, red pepper and a little butter... Mmmm. I could eat a ton. Oh wait, I did...
  7. I might not have as many as Ethan, but I did get my share of mosquito bites over the weekend. I'm battling the 'it feels so good to scratch' vs. 'it's so miserable when you scratch' dilemma. It's worst at night - I keep waking up scratching. And then I want to scratch more, but know I shouldn't. I only have about 15 bites. I truly can't imagine how Ethan is coping with his over 90 bites... poor kid. It's so miserable.
  8. I'm heading over to Seattle tomorrow to deliver all the stuff collected by our school for Tejan's school in Sierra Leone. I've already mapped out directions to get here and here and here. Yay! I haven't been to Seattle in ages... can't even remember the last time. I used to always want to get to Ikea when I went to Seattle, but now that there's one in Portland, I can devote my Seattle energy to some other places...
  9. Our anniversary is Friday and Asia's birthday is Sunday. No plans at all for either one... Asia's been gone so much lately, I think he's just going to want to be home.
  10. Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooches!


  1. 1) I know what "nap" is... geez... the word was in the news a lot last year with Imus...
    2) Andrew had night terrors - sound VERY much the same and it was scary - but he did grow out of it. Once he thought I was trying to kill him and he thought I had a knife!
    3) You could have dropped Ethan off here last night - with Andrew and Matthew being gone - Luke and Anna need a friend. ANYTIME (that works)!

  2. Anonymous2:56 PM

    So, to go back a few days; Why haven't we seen your look-a-like picture of Jessica? Am waiting to see the new-you-doo!
    And for heavens sake, get that boy some long pants to wear. Ouch!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer.
    God Bless,

  3. How was Seattle? Trader Joes and Impress are always on my list of places to go. Impress is pretty small, but lots of fun stuff!

    And, while I'm commenting, I should probably tell you:

    "you've been tagged". (hope you haven't done this one before - it's been circulating around for a while).

    Lastly, sorry if you are totally annoyed with tags.... (at least you will have a ready-made blog post!) : )


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