Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm feeling spunky tonight. Brace yourselves.

So, I've been to the eye doctor and the hairdresser this week.

The eye doctor is always a little stressful for me. I never know, when she does that "Tell me which one is better... there's one - and there's two..." and I'm looking through those funny lenses - is there a right answer? I'm always just certain I'm saying the wrong one... and then there's the times when one and two look almost exactly the same and I have to sheepishly say "Well, they're pretty much the same" and I just know I'm failing my eye exam. I'll be getting a big fat F, for sure, because I can't make a decision.

And have you ever thought about how silly you must look from the other side of that big lensy machine? Something like Wall-E, I suppose. And there I am, sweating buckets because I can't handle the possibility of answering 'one' or 'two' incorrectly, with my big goggly eyes... it's enough to make me want to just wear my enormous glasses from 1991 and call it a day.
But here's the thing - I got good news! My eyes have gotten better! So I got a new prescription and new contacts to boot and now I get to pick out new glasses... I love getting new glasses. Asia, of course, thinks I could just get new lenses put in my old glasses. Silly man. Of course, I told him that was ridiculous. I wear the silly things every single day of my life. "You wouldn't ask me to wear the same pair of underwear every day, would you?" I asked - which logically doesn't really apply to this argument, but it shut down his "new lens - old frames" plan, so it worked.

And, of course, as I already mentioned, I went to the hairdresser this week as well. My hair was getting entirely too Crystal Gayle and it was time to do something. So I perused the internet for cute hair - and lo and behold, Jessica Simpson has the hair I wanted. Whodathunk? (She also has really long eyelashes, doesn't she? And a sort of bewildered look about her, but that's really none of my business, is it?)So, I took my 39 year old self to Christy, my girl at the salon, and yanked out this photo and told her I wanted to look like this.

That was yesterday.

Would you believe that three people have mistaken me for Jessica since then?

No, I didn't think you would.

But my hair did turn out pretty cute. It's still long enough to get into a ponytail, which we all know is paramount in the summer, but short enough that I don't have to roast myself every morning under the hairdryer for 30 minutes just to dry my Rapunzelly locks. (And no - I did not change my color. Platinum isn't my thing.)

It's cute. And fresh. So I'm happy.

And now I'm going to take my -1.75/-2.00 eyeballs and my Jessica Simpson hair for a walk with the dog.

Happy Thursday, friends.


  1. I swear you look just like Jessica Simpson - in that picture - I totally see her, but know it is you. Asia will be VERY surprised!

  2. Lorraine8:42 AM

    I had my hair appt. scheduled for yesterday too. I was thinking I didn't really need a highlight. It'd been probably 3/4 of a year or so since the last one but wow, I was SO wrong. Good thing I didn't cancel it which I almost did. With a shorter, perkier cut and a highlight I'm a new woman. It's amazing how one can feel so different with a fresh chop. Apparantly, some of us can even feel like Jessica S. That would NOT be me. Congrats.

  3. Oh Cathy- I would just love to see you with those long lashes, too.. C'Mon, just for the bloggie world??

  4. Cath,
    Did you really ask your eye doctor to take that picture ??
    And why did you have your camera with you?

  5. Would love to see a photo of your hair :0)

    Just went to the eye doctor Friday before last and had appointments for me and both kids. Erin gets a free eye exam before she turns one and Evan was just due.
    Can I tell you, doing that whole looking through the lens and saying which one is better with a 10 1/2 month old on your lap was not fun! Next time I go alone ;0)

  6. Hey, ugly, check out this link. Randomized Kittys comment on your blog.

  7. Hello friend. I hope you will show us a pic of your new haircut and new glasses!! Would love to see both!! :o)

  8. Brooke10:58 PM

    Where is the pic of you with your new hairdo?


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