Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Dear little ants,

Did you know Spring is here? And the weather outside is just lovely. Outside, there are all kinds of fun things for you to walk across and move with your amazing ant-strength. There are flowers to smell and hills to be made.

Inside a house is where people live. Not ants. Or any buggish creatures. You are not welcome here. We like our food and want it to stay in our house. I can sweep the floor without your help. I do not want you here.

I do not know where you are coming from. But please know, without a doubt, that your presence is unwanted and your life will be cut short for no other reason than because I do not like you and I do not want you here. I will smash you. And then I will flush you down the toilet if you stay.

And if one of you invitied the mouse that I saw running across the hallway last night, I will get to the bottom of that travesty as well.

This house is a people house. Not an ant house. And most certainly not a mouse house.


Mrs. Goins


  1. You saw a mouse? And you are still living there? Argh!
    You can move in with me if you want.

  2. corey3:55 PM

    Yikes! A mouse...I can deal with ants but a mouse can be paralyzing and obsessive all at the same time...I had a couple mice a few years ago and I still quiver at the thought...little teeth marks on my tupperware and chip bags gnawed on...washing, washing, washing cupboards...I am sweating at the thought - or maybe I am having a hot flash the way, what is that about? We NEED to talk.

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    The ants are soooo bad this year, I also had them visiting my closet this weekend. What a drag. See you Sat at 10 achh

  4. Cath,
    Do you remember the little mouse that ran thru the house on Dow Road and Tigger was laying on the floor watching him go by.
    What a mouser !! Guess he was too lazy to get up to catch him.
    We had ants outside around our door awhile back and bought some little bait traps they crawl inside of and they were all gone within about two days. Worked like a charm.

  5. Ugh, ants! So sorry.
    Love in your post below how everyone back home with Tejan is using cool :0)


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