Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not quite ten on Tuesday!

It's been ages since I removed pictures off my memory card, and when I did today, I found some fun things I thought I'd share!
  1. Kyler had some friends over for his birthday last month. These boys (men) have been friends since first grade... they are so big now - and so fun. Loved having them here and driving them all to the movies. They're great kids.
  2. Gracie got a new toy for Christmas. She's never ever chewed anything she's not supposed to - but she sure chews the heck out of her toys... poor Santa's head is already off and his feet have lost all their stuffing. She really, really LOVES her toys.
  3. I got a 'money tree' from Asia for Christmas. Because of all the weight I lost, all my winter clothes are much too large on me... so I really needed some money to get new clothes. Clever Asia put it all on an unused Christmas card holder - actually in the shape of a tree. Pretty cute.
  4. So far, even with ALL the snow we've had, we've only gotten one snowman made. So much of our snow is dry, powdery snow that just doesn't pack well into snowballs or snowmen. Once it started melting though, it was wetter and would hold it's shape. Ethan went out one evening and made this cutie - complete with icicle arms. He was pretty sad looking by the morning... in fact by the time I left for work, his head had fallen off and his whole body was leaning pretty dramatically. But at least we got to enjoy him for a little while.
  5. I bought Savannah and Kyler hats for Christmas from Krochet Kids... we were excited to get these, because they are actually made by women in Uganda who are now employed because of Krochet Kids' work there. We bought Ethan's KK hat a couple of years ago, when the hats were still made by the founders of the organization. It's so neat to not only see the dreams of these visionary kids come true, but also to know there are women in Africa who can support their families because Americans are buying hats they've made! So cool.
  6. Ethan added another Nutcracker to his collection - he's got about 10 now - this year's was a rock star... not sure how long he's going to love collecting these, but for now, he REALLY enjoys getting them and displaying them year 'round in his room.
  7. Kyler went to a sleepover at his youth group Sunday night to Monday this week. Stayed up ALL night long - and this is what I found when I walked into the living room the next day... (can you believe that head of hair? I hardly ever get to see it because he's always wearing a hat... SO jealous of those curls...)
  8. One of the kids gave Asia "Power Yahtzee" for Christmas... it's a fun new variation on the classic. We've enjoyed playing it with friends - and in smaller groups... it's a good game for any number of people. It's always good to find a new game, eh?
  9. Almost made it to ten... but at least I'm caught up on stuff I should have shared a LONG time ago!


  1. Fun phoptos - Thanks for sharing them

  2. OOPS - How'd the P get in there ??
    Sorry, My fingers aren't working this am.

  3. Oh Cath- I love that money tree idea. I"m gonna put that in my files for next year.

    P.S. If you think about it- can I see the pic collage up close behind the last photo at the table (all the white frames? I'm also filing pic collage ideas to use soon...


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