Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Instagram photos I will NOT be taking...

  • The dust bunnies on my bedroom floor. I decided a few weeks ago to stop having the housekeeper come... in an effort to be more industrious myself and save money. However, she was apparently much better at finding and destroying the wayward fluffs than I am. For days I've been saying 'I must get the vacuum out later and suck those up' and then I never do.
  • My furrowed brow. Lots of parenting conflicts over the past week. I'm tired of it all.
  • The laundry baskets that seem to be forever in my living room - overflowing with clothes/towels/sheets/socks that need to be folded. I was so far behind last weekend that I actually let Asia fold. That's NEVER happened before. I'm pretty stinking anal about how things get folded. I just didn't care anymore.
  • My scrapbook room. Currently I'm in transition with this space - I really haven't been using it regularly since I stopped working at Apropos almost 4 years ago. We've decided to turn it into a media room with a glass office door so the kids can be in there with their friends while Asia and I still occupy the living room. It's a HUGE project. The more I do, the more there is to do. It's a complete disaster that nags at me every time I walk past it.
  • The snow. I'm sick of grey, slippery, crunchy, frosty. Spring cannot come fast enough.
  • The chairs at my kitchen table. For some reason, everyone in this household has decided it's too much work to hang their coats on the coat hooks. Instead, they just drape their coats over the backs of the chairs. Not exactly in my decorating scheme...
  • My closet. My winter wardrobe is depressingly black. And because everything is thicker, it's packed ridiculously full. It's terrible.
  • The pile of post-it notes, envelopes, important papers, scribbled phone numbers and letters we have accumulated post-car-accident. It's crazy how much there is to manage. Two weeks since the accident... I'll bet it's at least another two weeks until I have a car. It's a snails-pace, this insurance process.
  • My wrinkly, dry hands. Winter is not kind to eczema prone skin.
  • Ethan's hair. Sure -I've posted pictures before. But the bigger it gets, the scarier it is. I'm trying to save him the embarrassment five years down the road when he asks "Mom, what were you thinking letting me grow it out that way?"
  • The huge amount of CDs we still own. Has anyone successfully transferred all their hard copies of your favorite albums onto your computers/music devices? What a chore. Another one that nags...
  • Pictures from my vacation to a tropical paradise. Because I'm not taking a vacation to a tropical paradise.
What will you NOT be Instagramming?


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Sounds as if you need a strong dose of sunshine! Vitamin D in a bottle just doesn't cut it. Colleen Dea

  2. Hahaha, no, this is MY list, Cathy. I smiled through your post. Not because I'm happy about your list but because ME TOO. I'd like to add:

    - the stovetop that I keep forgetting to clean.
    - the bags I'm too lazy to unpack from our roadtrip vacation
    - my slouched back from sitting at a computer and nursing
    - little pieces of paper from who-knows-what all over the floor
    - all the pants that somehow look awkward on me now


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