Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New year... new goals!

January first always feels like a package... waiting to be opened. A whole year of possibility.

I have been known to make grand statements on January first... not resolutions exactly, but definitely goals.

I respond well to goals, I've learned.

The years I set them, I accomplish something significant.

And the years I don't, I generally flail.

So this year, I'm setting some.

Flailing isn't particularly flattering to anyone, in my opinion. And it certainly isn't good for me.

Here they are:
  1. Be active EVERY single day. For me in the past this has taken the form of a daily walk. I don't want to limit it to just a walk, so I will record whatever activity I participate in, aiming to make my body MOVE - preferably outside. If I don't do this, it's WAY too easy for me to become sedentary.
  2. Be productive EVERY day. This comes with a time limit... 60 minutes a day of accomplishing something specific in my home each day. Today it was taking down the Christmas tree/decorations and ended up being 90 minutes. I have a tendency to be really lazy otherwise and I have PLENTY I need to accomplish around here.
  3. Perform one random act of kindness (RAK) each week. This is a totally new one for me and I'm excited to make it a reality and begin sharing what I do.
And that's it.

Measurable. Specific. Attainable.

Happy New Year, friends.

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