Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday musings

I woke up early this morning...

I've slept hard all week - it's been a heckuva ten days...
  • our accident on the 10th
  • a major 'special event' at work that I was in charge of on the 12th - a 10 hour day
  • 15 minutes of fame on the 15th when my newspaper article came out
  • lots of phone calls and waiting on phone calls to finally hear on the 16th that the car was totaled
  • one chiropractic adjustment and two massages
  • transitioning from two meetings back-to-back on Saturdays to three, which yesterday we managed to pull off with our computer down and being short-staffed - I ended up working until 1:00 a shift that should have ended at 11:30.
It's been a lot.

My sweet Savannah, who came back from Africa with a forever-changed perspective on the world, keeps reminding me when I get impatient with the whole insurance process... "First-world problem, Mom..."

And she is, of course, perfectly right.

My aching and tired body still gets to crawl into bed every night in a huge house with heat and cupboards full of food.

I won't complain about having to wait on insurance employees who take their time processing my claim. They are going to replace my car. No questions asked. Full replacement with no deduction for depreciation. If I have to wait a few weeks for my brand-spanking-new-car I can do that.

My busy-ness at work and extra responsibilities there are a HUGE blessing... I have the privilege of building into hundreds of people every week - giving them confidence and inspiration to change their lives and work toward good health... January is CRAZY at Weight Watchers. So I work a few extra hours and I manage huge crowds and I stress out over trying to connect with all of them in some sort of caring, genuine way so they will come back... but it's all worth it. When someone says "I LOVE my life now... I feel comfortable in my own skin... my doctor is amazed at how my numbers have come down..." it's all worth it.

We are in the thick of helping Kyler decide what to do with himself next year... it's a strange and painful process sometimes, this letting go. He recently got a promotion at Safeway - they approached him and asked him if he wanted to be a checker... which is two steps up from courtesy clerk. We are proud of him for being the kind of employee that gets noticed and rewarded for hard work. At 18, he has already 'moved up' in the grocery store world. Helping him choose a college - determining where is a good fit for him - trying to help him avoid thousands of dollars of student debt... it's all pretty stressful. No one gives you a guidebook for this and I'm convinced that our educational system that pushes kids to decide what they want to be at such a young age often does them a huge disservice. So wading through choices with him and letting him decide his own future... it's hard. But he's a good kid. And I pray that God will guide him and he will learn life's lessons easily.

Lots of other stuff on my mind lately... winter has a way of making me even more introspective and ponderific... thinking about church and relationships and my own journey with health and marriage and home...

Makes me want to light a candle and hunker down and recite a prayer and rest in God's peace that passes understanding...

Gotta make time for that... that's where I find my center in all the chaos.


  1. many things to think on in winter...many "irons in the fire" for you in this busy season of your life~ I watch you handle it with grace & care. I, too, am pondering my church relationships, friendships...many things at this time of my think it would be static by now yet, I would probably find that boring :)no growth as they say ~!

    blessings today to my friend xo

  2. As always, Cathy, I'm so glad for you sharing your heart here. Because it spoke to me, too, in a way where I just need to let God sift through all the busy-ness in my head. What a beautiful insight for winter. Xo.


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