Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday goals...

So it's probably a bit mundane to post about my goals, but since I 'm the only one reading this, I see it as a little online to-do list.

Here's what I'd love to accomplish today:

  • Scrapbook one page just for me - no class projects, no design work - just a page of family photos for my family scrapbook.
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor - my LEAST favorite chore in the whole world - but I would feel fabulous to get it done today, before it's actually so dirty it's driving me crazy.
  • Fold all the laundry.
  • Call the Express office to find out about the possibility of E. going one day a week next year.
  • Do a chapter in my bible study.
  • Compose an email to my girlfriends asking them to pray about our situation with S.
  • Go to the bank and the store to buy clipboards for the altered clipboard class.
  • Make dinner.

There it is - for better or worse. A to do list... let's see if I can manage to get it all done.

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