Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not for the weak of heart...

Every year I buy each of my children a Christmas ornament. I've done this since they were babies, and I try to make the ornament representative of something they've experienced during the year.

Well, of course this year I thought it would be neat to get them each a Boxer ornament, to commemorate the arrival of Gracie into our family.

So, in my free time this afternoon, I thought I'd look online for a cute ornament I could get for each of them.

This is what I came up with.

Terrifying, isn't it? Now, I know, those aren't all ornaments.

No - those are disembodied Boxer head earrings and demonic Boxer magents... and the angel? I can't begin to talk about the angel.

I'm really wishing Asia were here, because I'm sure to have nightmares tonight.


  1. There's just something so wrong about a head without a body. There should at least be a bust, even the Greeks new this thousands of years ago. A head alone is not art. It's a horror movie prop.

    Hello, Cathy.

  2. Be afraid, be very afraid!

  3. Scott, my sentiments exactly... but what about that angel? Yikes!

    Min - I ordered a pair of the earrings for you...

  4. Geez - I just noticed - that last one really looks like Samuel L. Jackson... He's always scared the crap out of me.

  5. Okay, you are right - there is something just wrong about having the head of a dog hanging from one's ears. Eeewww. So... did you order any ornaments? I like the idea of a Boxer ornament, that would be perfect. The problem becomes where to find an ornament that isn't frightening.

  6. Kel - I didn't find any decent ones to order. They all looked cheap and ridiculous like these... I'm hoping I can find something...

  7. I love the Christmas ornament tradition. My family has done it since birth, and every Christmas eve we have this special ceremony where our parents tell our life stories, using the ornaments as props. My dad usually hand carves the ornaments for us. Last year was the last time he will have made one for me. I hit his cut off point of 22 years of age. But, I'm already trying to think about what symbolizes this year, because I'm planning to continue the tradition by buying my own ornament.

    p.s. the earrings really are pretty scary!

  8. Oh, be afraid, be very afraid! The real doggie is certainly much friendlier. Good luck with your search.

  9. Lisa and Gwen -

    Nice to meet the two of you...

    Lisa - I LOVE that your Dad has carved your ornaments... that is SO cool. I love anything handmade - what a treasure those ornaments are. You are a lucky girl.

    Gwen - yes, Gracie is adorable - these "boxers" are just awful and wrong. Nothing like our baby. I'll keep searching...


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