Saturday, November 19, 2005

Accentuate the positive

  • Drywall goes up today. That will feel SO much cleaner.
  • The kids and I are putting a time capsule in the walls before they seal them up. It's so exciting to think of things we can stick in there for someone to find someday. (Of course, that also means they will be tearing out my beautiful new kitchen, but I'm trying not to think about that.)
  • My brother Ken "brought" me a meal via an Applebee's gift card. I wonder where he got the idea that I might need help feeding my family? Well, however he came up with the idea, it was sweet. Thanks, Ken (and LaChel!)
  • I actually found time to dust this morning, so the living room is relatively clean... I will be dusting and vacuuming every day for awhile, I think. As long as I can keep my cozy living room clean, I'm happy.
  • Asia got home last night. He was even able to get an earlier flight than expected. As fun as it is to stretch out and have the whole bed to myself, it's nothing like having his big warm body to snuggle up to.
  • My contractor brought me a Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks this morning.
  • I have class today. I love teaching. I love the ladies who take my classes. I love sharing what I design with others.
  • The fog in Spokane is so thick the last couple of days. It makes me want to hunker down in my house and drink tea. I managed to find a place for the microwave to plug in - so I can make tea now. I like the fog. It's SO cool.

I want to spend my day thinking about these things... the good stuff. Not the chaos.

Happy weekend.


  1. Good idea - accentuate the positive. That's my girl. Really, what else can you do? So, you are on the right track. Keeping the living room clean and comfy will be your saving grace. So long as you have that one place to go, you will do fine. And, before you know it, the kitchen will be finished and you will be basking in a brand new abode. What a cool thought! I canNOT wait to see the pictures. I'm really getting antsy, and I'm not even the one living in the chaos. HEY! Welcome home to Asia! Enjoy your the snuggles.

  2. Your contractor brought you a latte?? Maybe he felt bad about the underwear, Cath. What a great idea to leave a time capsule. You could stash the underwear in it, but I think you should put ordinary things labeled with wrong definitions in there for people to find 500 years from now. "This is a forku. It is used for the brushing of the armpit hair." Stuff like that.

    Apparently, your blog is where I will have to get together with Lorraine from now on, since she (ahem Kate) refuses to comment on mine and/or mine won't let her. You don't mind, do you? We'll try not to sit in a corner and whisper, since that would be rude. You could give us a sip of that latte, though.

    How long do you anticipate your kitchen will take? xo

  3. Actually, it was La Chel's idea. I'm too dense to have picked up on your subliminal message.

  4. Kelly E. - You're getting antsy? You're so cute. Imagine the ants in MY pants!!!

    Kelly - Yes - he brought me a latte - and this was no skinny latte - Yummmm.

    Of course, you and Lorraine may converge upon my blog to have your little chats... I can heat up some water in the microwave for tea or General Foods International Coffee and we can all celebrate the moments of our lives...

    Ken - I think I knew that probably... snaps to LaChel for being the mastermind behind your wonderful plan... (did I just say snaps?)


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