Tuesday, November 01, 2005

As requested...

I was asked to post my Gratitude Journal... unfortunately, I'm having trouble uploading images to Blogger today, so I'll have to link you to my 2peas post, and you can go look at it there.

I was inspired by Donna Downey's book, Creative Albums, in which she shows step by step directions for oodles of innovative and unusual projects. I LOVED the texture of her cardboard album and knew I had to create one for myself.

The idea behind this album is for each member of my family to take time on Thanksgiving Day to fill out one of the little slips in each envelope - one for each of the categories: Family, Friends and Blessings. This way, we create a lasting memento of the things we are grateful for in the year 2005. I'll tuck it away with my fall decorations after the holiday and pull it our year after year to have on display.

So, here you have it - The Goins Gratitude Journal, 2005


  1. Loving the Gratitude Journal idea. I may have to lift that and alter the theme a bit to take with me on my Christmas trip to the PNW. It would be way cool to have my extended family fill out slips of paper. Thanks bunches for sharing your talents.

  2. That's great- I love all the textures and colors and how they come together.


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