Friday, November 25, 2005

Funky Town

I am really tired of living in a construction zone.

My cabinet installer broke several ribs this week. He still promises to be able to do our install next week. I'm not holding my breath.

All my appliances are on my back deck.

I just want to be able to cook.

And clean (and have it stay clean for more than ten minutes.)

And find things.

And have somewhere to set my purse when I walk in the door.

And I really want to put up my Christmas decorations. But I'm afraid I'll be so tired of putting things away and cleaning and organizing when the kitchen is finally done that I won't have any energy left to decorate.

I'm not sure how it happened this way, but remodeling now was a bad idea.

I came home from work tonight, walked through the kitchen, went into my bedroom and sat down on the bed and cried.

I hate that I'm being such a baby about it, but I really hate living this way.

It's just hard. And I'm tired.

Just a couple more weeks.

Just a couple more weeks.

Just a couple more weeks...


  1. Hey, we're coming whether the kitchen is done or not, so you had better break the ice off the BBQ and start some strip steak marinating!

  2. Hey, we're coming whether the kitchen is done or not, so you had bet... What do you mean you didn't invite us?

    Tears are a great stress-buster, Cath. Change is adventuresome and worth experiencing, no matter what time of year, no matter how many holidays get a little messed up. You're going to have a blast putting that new kitchen together when it's done, and then it'll be a Merry Christmas to YOU. Kiss. Hang in there - only a couple more weeks!! xo

  3. Steve - I could barbeque - if only I could find some food. You should have seen me this morning trying to find something to feed the kids. After searching the whole house, I finally found some pop tarts in the linen closet. Crazy.

    And of course you're coming. IT'S GOING TO BE DONE BY THEN. (That's what I keep telling myself...)

    Kel - did I forget to send your invitation? Must have gotten lost in the shuffle somehow... You'd have to sleep in the garage, but that's okay, right?

  4. You are so cute. You just wait until your kitchen is all done you will be so relieved. It will get done. You can do it, I know you can :) Chin up :) Hugs to you!

  5. Last year at Christmas time we got our new floors in the living room and master bedroom, along with repainting all the walls. At the time it seemed like a good idea to do this in December. But we never did get around to decorating the house for Christmas. It was just too much to do after the new floors. If you don't have the halls all decked for Christmas this year, we will understand!

  6. It is survivable. I'm finally back in my own space, after something like six weeks of remodelling. There's still ongoing tasks, but we have furniture again, and our house looks fairly normal. But, I have to admit to throwing a couple of tantrums and crying while in process. Very therapeutic.

  7. You are entitled to a mini breakdown over this. I mean, really Cathy, even when it is not the holiday season, remodeling is a pain in the rear. I applaud you for having the wherewithall to do it when the timing was right for the contractor and your budget. In the end, you will love your kitchen so much that you will only vaguely remember the agony you went through to get there. And, on the bright side, you will have a memory for years to come about the holiday season that turned into dusty chaos. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}. Hang in there. You are doing just great.


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