Thursday, November 10, 2005


It's been a good week... other than the fact that right now I should be emptying cupboards instead of blogging, things have been plugging along well in my little corner of the world.
  • Yesterday I got a frequent flyer reward in the mail - a free flight anywhere Southwest flies. Cool. Not only is it really cool to have free flight, it's really cool to sit around thinking about all the different ways I might use it.
  • We went to a fundraiser at the kids' school last night. At the silent auction, I won a "Bootcamp Birthday Party" put on by the world's most popular male 6th grade teacher. It includes games, activities, camoflauge face paint and has no limit to the number of kids we can invite. We're going to use it for K.'s party. I only had to pay $30 for it - it is worth millions to me to not have to plan a party.
  • I taught two classes with a total of 38 students this week. I get paid per student, so I'm sitting pretty on a nice big fat checkbook right now. LOVE that.
  • The contractor will be coming this weekend to start demolishing the kitchen. I have mixed feelings. But mostly, I'm excited to actually have work under way. The sooner we start, maybe the sooner we'll finish.
  • We'll be gone from tomorrow morning through Sunday night. I feel sort of like the families on "Extreme Home Makeover" must feel. I have no idea what I'll come home to... I know he wants to tear out the floor and start taking the cabinets out... it could be a real mess.
  • We're hanging out in Leavenworth for the weekend. Ryan (who lived with us a couple of years ago) has a family cabin near there - we'll be staying there with him. It's a beautiful "cabin" - built only a year ago - and right on the river. It's SO relaxing there - and beautiful. I'm looking forward to taking lots of walks, reading a ton, watching some great movies and having some fun time with the family.
  • S. turns 9 tomorrow. Nine years ago I was starting to have contractions... more on that tomorrow...

I don't know if there will be a wireless connection at the cabin. I'm bringing my laptop along just in case... if not, I probably won't post for a few days...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love you, my chums.


  1. I'm pretty sure your kitchen won't look like the kitchens on Extreme home makeover when you get home, can't hurt to dream! :-) Have fun!

  2. You have become such the tech geek. Listen to you hoping that the remote cabin has wireless internet access. I'm so proud of you! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, are YOU having the week, or what?? PLUS, the weekend! I'm squawking in green envy and delight! Have fun, Cath - with or w/out our joint addiction. (Joint addiction, get it? that just came to me. sigh. sooo genius. =o)

  4. Free stuff, a fat checkbook, a weekend away in a beautiful cabin, and a lovely remodeled kitchen heading your way....
    boy, you've got it rough.

    I join Kelly's squawking!!

  5. I am wishing that I had your life (just today, mind you) - so jealous of the new kitchen, the cabin in Leavenworth(where is that?), the planned birthday by someone else(I figured out that I have done 40 childrens birthday parties - some being real pathetic-sorry Mack), AND A FAT CHECKBOOK!!! I will pretend today as I carpool and run errands that I am living your life. Have a great weekend! Maybe I will live like I have a fat checkbook....nope, don't think it will work... I'll just buy me a bottle of red wine and pretend ;)

  6. Hope you had a great time away. :)


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