Monday, November 21, 2005

A tasty sampler plate of indiscriminate thoughts for your dining pleasure...

  • Gracie had her first sighting of the mailman today. She perked up immediately and started making a low growling noise I've never heard out of her. She would not relax until he was out of her line of vision - which took quite awhile, since he always parks right outside our house to walk to all the houses on our street. What is it with dogs and mailmen, anyway? It made me happy to see she has natural protective instincts about our yard.
  • The kids have early release at school this week. That means E. is only at school for an hour and a half. What the heck? Why bother? That's barely enough time to get dressed and get the breakfast dished put away before I have to go pick him up.
  • I spent another wad of money at Home Depot yesterday. This time it was for a new sink, new microwave and a toilet for the back bathroom, which is getting some minor remodeling at the same time as the kitchen. The new floor will extend into that bathroom, so we decided to replace the awful toilet in there at the same time.
  • My studio is freezing right now. The combination of inadaquate heating vents and having all the doors sealed off to keep dust out means I could hang a side of beef in there. Not real condusive to creative endeavors. It's a total bummer, since I just created my class list for the next class schedule and I'm dying to get some of my samples made while my ideas are fresh. Oh well...
  • As I took my bath this morning I was struck with a weird thought that I encounter on a fairly regular basis: I am an adult. For some reason, when I stop and think about it, I never cease to be amazed at this turn of events. How exactly did I get to this place in my life - with a husband and three kids and a whole house full of crap? I usually get overwhelmed whenever I ponder this for too long... so I try not to think about it. Time really goes altogether too fast.
  • My Christmas shopping is coming together quite nicely this year. Thank goodness, since I can't really take more stress right now. I'm almost done with this kids - I at least know what I'm going to get each of them, which is half the battle. I was fortunate enough to get the bonus of a nice long list from my brother, Steve, which makes my life SO much easier... sure wish I could get lists like that from all the people we're buying for this year... hint hint
  • I can't decide what to do about the Christmas tree this year. I normally put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but with all the construction that still needs to happen, that seems like a bad idea. I hate to wait too long, but I also can't stand the idea of my tree and all it's decorations getting covered in drywall dust...
  • Fortunately I found the cutest little jingle bell tree at Target yesterday. My bloggy friend Kelly E. had one and I fell in love with it when she posted a picture of it on her blog... after going to two Targets, I found one for myself. It's so colorful and festive and wonderful. If I can't put up my big tree, this is the cutest little substitute I could ever find.
  • We found a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. Our dear friends the Copleys will be joining us, as well as Samir (our Bosnian refugee friend) and his two kids. We've all been invited over to some other friends' house for dessert - yay! It should be a lovely day.
  • I just got the mail. 10 catalogs, one bill, and 12 pieces of miscellaneous postal poop. Good grief.


  1. I have that weird adult feeling too. Sometimes I think, "How did *I* get to be the mom?" or I'll look at Danny and thing "Are we just pretending to be adults?" I can relate!!

    Where are you going for dessert? Doesn't Samir have a wife? I actually wish we were going with you. I must say I'm a little bummed that our Thanksgiving will be so small. We'll be at Danny's parents and we'll be the only ones. I've never had a Thanksgiving that small before.

  2. YAY! You got the Jingle Bell Tree. Now we are Jingle Bell Sisters. I love the thought of that.

    Okay, so E. is at school this week for what... that's barely time enough for those little ones to take their coats off and unpack/repack their little backpacks. Unbelievable. In VA, there is no such thing as early dismissal. Either they go, or they don't. I LOVE THAT POLICY!

    Brrr on the scrapbook room. My backup is always the kitchen table, but I guess you don't have that option either. BUMMER!

  3. Jingle Bell Sisters. Hey, today's the last day of school for my kids, too, until Monday. I'm actually glad, because now they'll be around to brandish the whip at, to get them to help clean the house for T-Day. I was hoping to get some decorations up, but I don't think it's gonna happen. We'll probably do it this coming weekend, which will be fun. If I were you, I'd DEFINITELY wait until the dust clears to decorate for Xmas.

    Good girl, Gracie. GIT that mailman! And Cath, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. It sounds like you will. xo

  4. Mind - Samir is married, but his wife still lives in Canada until her immigration issues are worked out. He's never wanted to celebrate any American holidays with us, so we're glad he's decided to join us this year. We're going to Yates' for dessert. Yay! And hey - your smallest Thanksgiving is still bigger than our smallest. There have been a couple of years that it's just been our little family. It's not bad - I kind of like the initmacy of it.

    Kel E. - Yes - I found the jingle bell tree!!! I love it even more in real life. Asia just rolled his eyes when I told him we were jingle bell sisters...

    Kelly - I know I need to wait for the Christmas decorations - it would be silly not to. But I really wish I could pull them out... maybe I'll just decorate the mantle or something... that would help.


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