Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Un-Chatty Cathy

I'm not feeling very talkative this morning... I'm sort of dreading my day, and am still in my pj's to prove it...

I get to go order our kitchen cabinets today. You'd think I'd be all jiggy with excitement, but instead I'm almost sick to my stomach.

I LOVE the idea of a newly remodeled kitchen. But I hate that we're spending so much money on ourselves. It seems over-indulgent and selfish. When there are so many other things we could be doing with our money, do I really need a new kitchen? There are so many worthy causes - so many generous things we could do...

Of course, I can't exactly call Asia and tell him I've changed my mind, can I? No - I know this is a good thing... it's good for resale - it's good from a maintenance standpoint - it's good for my sanity. But it's really unnecessary, in the grand scheme of things. So I'm having some guilt, I guess.

I'm sure there's no chance of finding the perfect kitchen cabinets at a garage sale, so my thrifty, bargain hunter self cannot pitch in with this one. I have to just bite the bullet and write the check today...

Hate that.


  1. I've always felt that beautiful cabinets, the ones that had charm and were useful to you, should be counted as something worthy of investing in- because you spend so much of your time having to use them and having to look at them!

    (One of the reasons I like watching "Practical Magic" is because of their neat kitchen cabinets! :) So perhaps I'm not the sanest voice for you to listen to... )

  2. Christine - I know in my heart that it's okay, and that in the long run, it is a good investment... I just hate spending money on myself, especially this much money.

    After seeing the drawings of the kitchen, I'm better able to visualize the whole project, which really helps. And Asia's confidence that we're doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing really helps.

  3. Oh Cathy, I hope you can forget that thing that says you shouldn't spend your money on cabinets, because that thing is just a big, fat, pain in the butt. You're going to love them once they're in. How very, very fun... I LOVE remodeling. LOVE it. And remodeling your kitchen? How awesome is THAT?? Have fun today - I order... I mean, strongly suggest... I mean, gently request... you do so!

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    An old friend told me about your blog and just wanted to quickly tell you......... Lovin' it!

  5. Kel - thanks - I did have fun, once I realized that Asia was completely okay with the amount of $$$ and that he really believes this is a good thing...

    Anonymous - okay - now I'm dying to know who sent you here... you must tell me more about yourself!!! I'm nosy.


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