Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What subliminal messages?

It's absolutely glorious to be sitting here in my pj's this morning. I've been running around like the proverbial headless chicken the last few days, so having a morning when I can actually wait for my favorite jeans to finish (take a meal over to Cathy) their tumble in the dryer (instead of having to wear something else like I did yesterday...) is sheer delight. The kids are off to school and Gracie is settled in for her morning nap - it's lovely and quiet and although I'm actually being quite delusional about my day, it's okay for a bit. I'll take off full speed after I've had my little one sided chat here. I promise.

...I had another huge class yesterday. Lots of money. And guess what I did? I called Steven, the Edward Jones guy who rang my doorbell last week... I'll bet he LOVES that his little door-to-door foray actually resulted in someone calling to make an appointment. But that is not my point. My point is, I make a bit of money with my little (take a meal over to Cathy) business, and I'm going to do something purposeful. I'm going to be one of those women you see on Oprah who made less than $12,000 a year but managed to stick away a little at a time and now has a gadzillion dollars. That's going to be me. That way, if Asia ever runs off with some little bimbo who gave him her phone number at the grocery store (it happened just the other day) I'll be able to laugh in his face as I fan my stacks and stacks of million dollar bills. Actually, I just want to put a little something away... Maybe for my trip to Europe when I turn 40... or maybe just so I know it's there.

...Asia has made a new best friend during these little training jaunts in Seattle. He keeps talking about Kui - a Hawaiian guy he's been going out to lunch and dinner with. I like Kui, because last time Asia came back from Seattle, he brought me a lovely sterling silver bracelet with moon stones set all around - it's exactly the kind of jewelry I love. He bought it while shopping with Kui - who has a new girlfriend and likes to buy her presents. Asia, of course, did not want to look like a total buffoon who doesn't buy his wife presents - hence, the bracelet. Apparently they've been shopping this week too. Koo-Koo (my pet name for the new best friend) has been picking up little things for 'his gal' everywhere they go... I'm curious to see if Asia caves to the peer pressure again and I get another little trinket. (Not that I need his trinkets, since I'll soon be able to buy whatever I want, once my portfolio grows.)

Asia makes new best friends all the time. In line at Costco. Standing at the urinal. (That's where he met Ryan the first time.) Church. In the Hat Store in Leavenworth. You name it - if he's standing still for more than 30 seconds and there's someone nearby, he'll become their friend. I am so different. I don't know if I can blame it on shyness, or fear, or self-centeredness... I just don't reach out to total strangers the way he does. He'll talk to anyone, anywhere. It's one of the traits I admire most about him. He has the (take a meal over to Cathy) ability to make people feel recognized and important. I most likely leave a wake of people feeling insignificant everywhere I go, the way I ignore strangers... not Asia though. He makes people feel validated and acknowledged. Maybe that's why strange women slip their phone numbers into his grocery bags...

... Parent/teacher conferences today - I'm always curious to hear what teachers think of my kids. It's great to hear another perspective on them and find out a little about who they are when they're not in my presence. So far I've always been pleased with the results. Even when they're in one of their phases, and I can hardly bear their goofy, whiny, limit pushing kid-ness, they manage to pull it out at school, and to hear their teachers speak, you'd think I have perfect kids. Good. That's the way I want it. (Take a meal over to Cathy.)

... The rest of the cabinets come out of the kitchen tonight. I have no idea where I'm going to put all the stuff I've got stored in them. There are boxes of food and dishes in every nook and cranny of the house. My biggest dilemma is finding a place where I can set up my microwave... I'll need it quite a bit over the next little while, methinks.

... My girlfriend Rebecca brought me a lasagna last night. (She took a meal over to Cathy.) Isn't that sweet?

... If you're local and you're reading this, take special note of that last comment. I have no appliances, no food storage, no surfaces to prepare food on. Don't you feel sorry for me? Don't you want to hop in your car and bring me lovely meals prepared by your capable hands in your fully functional kitchens? You know you do. (You really should take a meal over to Cathy.)

... Since there are about two people who live here and read this, I'd better make a point of organizing my foodstuffs so I can feed my family for the next month. Gotta.get.right.on.that. (Take a meal over to Cathy so she doesn't have to worry about that...)

... The dryer buzzed. Hopefully that means my jeans are dry.

... Is anyone feeling like they should take a meal over to a friend today?



  2. Mom Again11:11 AM

    I just reread your letter and you know sometimes it is sort of scary how much we are alike. I envy people like Asia or Tom Parke who, by the time we had the RV hooked up on our last trip, totally knew where the people in the next site were from, where they were going, how many people were in their family etc, etc. I, however, tend to sort of ignore the people around me and do my own thing. I just am not naturally a people person. How sad is that!! I just don't even think of talking to strangers, I guess. Need to work on that!
    Did I really pass some of these traits off to you. I see myself in so many of your blogs, it's sort of scary...

  3. Cathy, the problem with you is that you never let anyone know what you want. It's really frustrating.

    Scott's like Asia. One time a lady approached him in the store and told him she wanted to have his baby. Thankfully, he said okay and married me. Badum bum.

    I hope someone arranges meals for you this week. xo

  4. Mom - if you passed that stranger avoidance thing on to me, it is only along with lots of wonderful things that I learned from you... like the desire to take meals over to people who cannot for some reason cook for themselves. I do that all the time.

    Kelly - badum bum, indeed. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Hey Cath, I was wondering if you need me to bring a meal over to you? Sure, I can barely get meals on my own table, but it suddenly occured to me somehow that you might need one.

    The problem is, you don't want me touching your food quite yet. I have the worst cruddy cough/cold and I'm pretty sure your family doesn't want it!

  6. Mindy - how sweet of you to offer. How ever do you come up with these lovely ideas?

    Let me know as soon as that cough clears up! lol!

    Hope you're feeling better soon... seriously - even if you weren't going to make me a meal the minute you're healed...

  7. corey8:39 PM

    Oh Cathy! You are so cute!
    I am not terribly friendly to people, and YET- complete strangers tell me their life story if I make eye contact....I am not kidding. My sister testifies to it...we were at a gas station pumping gas and this middle aged man saw my eyes and 15-20 minutes was deep. My sister was totally freaked out. I actually avoid malls like the plague, because I have been zeroed in on numerous times. Also have tons of conversations with mentally ill people...I think they sense mercy and acceptance - but those things definitely come from God and are not natural qualities...
    I could send you leftovers - that are really not so good anymore...Why don't you just come over for dinner? That would be fun.
    When you are rich, will you take care of me???I may be poor and homeless...but I make great eye contact...

  8. Corey - wow - that's interesting about the eye contact. It must have something to do with your subtly different colored irises drawing people in...

    I'll be over for dinner tomorrow about 6:00 - how's that sound?

    And yes - I'll take care of you. My portfolio is going to be so large I'll be able to take care of all my friends, I'm sure without even batting an eye.

  9. I have so missed reading your blog. I'm like a week behind and so today I plan on catching up with all of my gal pal's blog entries. Obviously, you are first on the list. Laughing out loud at EVERYTHING you wrote. Honestly, you crack me up. So... the burning question is, "Did you take a meal over to Cathy?" And, when do you get your appliances back? I think YOU need the meal as much, or more than someone else. Yuck on no appliances... YAY on the new kitchen. {{{HUGS}}} I have so missed you.

  10. I'm hungry now. No clue why....

    If I read this correctly, Mindy is offering you leftover mercy and acceptance.

    I'm still reeling that your husband makes friends at urinals- what's the opening line on a convo in THAT place? "they never have any toilet paper around here"?
    Do they make small talk while tapping and zipping? I thought guys just lined up and tried to be quiet and not look like they're looking...


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