Sunday, November 27, 2005

Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

I have to start right off with an apology about my mood swings and my whining.

I know nobody wants to read about that.

You come here to read about maxi pad slippers and mystery underwear.

So, while I don't have any hilarious stories to regale you with today, I am now making a solemn pledge not to grumble, grouse, moan or complain any longer.

Scout's honor. (And while I was never officially a boy scout, I attended every meeting my mother the den-mother had at our house and I can make a mean compass out of an aerosol can lid, some water and a needle, so I think that counts.)

Church didn't happen for us this morning. S. is sick - a fever for the past two days and some cookie-tossing today. Poor thing. Her face is grey. She's so pathetic when she's sick. She's my dry-heave-y girl... it's not pretty. Asia can never seem to get motivated to go to church if I'm not going... after years of worrying about his soul, I've come to the conclusion that God probably doesn't even notice. Asia talks to God all day every day and I'm pretty sure He doesn't really care if he's doing that from home or from some rental facility full of parishioners. So we've been home.

He did go out to buy me the DVD version of White Christmas. It's only the best Christmas movie ever made...I'm firmly planted in front of the TV and don't plan to leave my spot for the rest of the day. After all, someone has to take care of the sick child... and she really doesn't like it when I leave the room... thank goodness for lovely Christmas musicals, HGTV, and Food Network. (Of course, I occasionally have to let the sick child choose a show, but thankfully, she fell asleep in the middle of Full House and I got the remote back...)

The sun came out today... we've been completely shrouded by fog for about two weeks. It was so lovely to be outside with the dog and actually see the blue sky. While we get very little rain, sometimes the air stagnates over our region for a long time and we don't see much sunlight... I always wish for snow when that happens, but so far we've only had a couple of light dustings. I LOVE great big snowfalls - I've gotten used to driving in it over the years, and don't mind that aspect of it at all... it's just SO pretty and quiet. I'm ready. Snow! Snow! Snow!

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow of the kitchen. It's coming along, and I think from here on out, we'll be seeing huge improvements every day. I'm just the teeniest-tiniest bit excited about it - but not a whole lot yet. As I've said before, I have a hard time envisioning the end result, so I'm waiting until it's all there in it's spanking new glory and then I'll celebrate. I wish you could all come over for the Open House I plan to have after the New Year. I'll be serving Brie and crackers and other delicious culinary treats... won't it be fun?

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Thanksgiving actually seems a million years ago already, doesn't it?

Oh - and I just found out today that we'll be having family here for Christmas two weekends in a row, starting with the weekend of the 9th... Asia's brother is flying up from Florida, so we'll be hosting that side of the family a week before the Carson family Christmas happens. Fun fun. Here's hoping the kitchen truly gets done...

Gotta go - S. wants to make a list of all the synonyms and slang terms for "throw-up." I think she must be feeling better.



  1. Slang terms for throw up? That's a good one. My son would get into the spirit of things with a challenge like that.

    Okay, could your new banner be any more cute? I'm in love with your little darlings. They are adorable. Absolutely precious photo! I'm going to love logging on to your blog just to look at the kids - heck, with a banner like that, you can whine all you want. Just make sure to toss in a maxi pad slipper and an underwear story every now and then, and I'll be a happy girl.

    I see Gracie still has her sweet little wrinkles on her forehead. I think that is SO cute.

    We don't mind your telling us your woes...we can all relate and you are just being honest.

    (You forgot to mention the plaster eagle we painted gold for Fathers Day in Scouts : )

    Love you

  3. LOL! You are a hoot! Love it! I also love HGTV (if only I could do all those creative and inexpensive things to my house!)... and Full House??... one of my daughters FAVORITE shows.. we have many of them recorded right now! Wouldnt that be a TOTAL blast to have a huge kitchenwarming party for you with your new kitchen! Oh goodness.. how fun would that be! Hope babes is feeling better. Warmly, T

  4. Oh.. and the banner... ya, the banner simply... ADORABLE!

  5. Kel - aw shucks - yeah, that banner picture is about the cutest ever eh? Love my babies.

    Mom - I forgot all about that eagle. I think Steve still has his hanging above his downstairs fridge... I'm not sure if I got one or not... but I sure remember them.

    Tawnya - What is it with Full House? I was so glad I didn't have kids when it was a new show - I didn't have to watch it. I always thought it was SO cheesy. I curse the day my kids discovered the reruns. LOL!

  6. Cathy, good grief. We LIVE for your complaint columns, which - next to your maxipad news items - make for great holiday reading. I couldn't figure out what everybody was saying about your "new banner" because I had scrolled down before it fully loaded. It IS adorable. Whose kids are those? (just kiddin).

    I hope your sick day goes well, meaning, I hope YOU don't get it, too, so you can continue monitoring the tube. The only show I ever liked the Olson twins in was Two of a Kind, and that only because of the teasing romance between their dad and their nanny. xo

  7. Cathy I love your new banner! Hope you had good luck with the yakking, puking, throwing up, tossing your cookies, slang terms. ;)


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