Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

I'm totally copying my friend Susie today... ten random thoughts.

  1. My index finger is very sore from spray painting. I painted three chairs for the kitchen and recovered the seats.
  2. I bought grapes at Costco yesterday, but they're mushy. Bummer.
  3. Gracie has learned to sit at the threshold to the kitchen while I mop. She watches, but she doesn't come in. Good dog.
  4. S. has taken to wearing glitter. Lots of glitter. On her eyelids. In her hair. On her cheekbones. I'm picking my battles and letting this one slide.
  5. Tuesday is dumb mail day. Pizza coupons, silly flyers for businesses I'll never patronize and junk. I hate Tuesday mail.
  6. Washed my windows outside and power washed the outside of the house last night. Everything seems a little brighter today. (You would not believe how filthy my screens were...)
  7. Couldn't the fall shows just go ahead and start up now? I'm dying for new seasons of Survivor and Grey's Anatomy.
  8. There has been so much road construction around my house this summer. I can't get anywhere without having to go around construction. The road closest to my house is going to be done at the end of the week, I think. I hope. My house shakes on and off all day as the big equipment does its thing. I don't like that, having been in a few too many earthquakes during my California days. It will be good when they're done. Then I can go to the grocery store that's just up the street without having to detour blocks and blocks out of the way...
  9. Took the kids to the library today. I'm amazed at the great DVD collection they have. I brought home several newly released movies. It's always good to save a buck - free movies are great!
  10. It's windy and a bit stormy today - and it's supposed to drop to a high of only 65 degrees tomorrow... could it be that fall is really almost here?
  11. Ha! I fooled ya! I knew I was supposed to stop at ten.


  1. love library DVD's.
    Our library lets us put them on 'hold' so when they are returned you can get them.
    "Road Construction Ahead" has the longest wait as every family of a boy in this area NEEDS that video! ;) :)

  2. I would have kept reading if you went to 1000! I love getting a peak into your day! Great idea! Hugs Friend!

  3. I enjoy your random thoughts, Cathy. Especially to the likes of Survivor and Grey's Anatomy... two more weeks! Aren't they both on the same night now, too??!

  4. Like this idea!
    Although I've already blogged today but maybe tomorrow.
    We are anxiously awaiting survivor, too! :)


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