Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baking day

Made these delicious Ginger Cookies yesterday.

Is there anything that says "fall" more than the smell of cookies baking?

I let myself have one.


It was a crazy busy day - from water aerobics, to errands, to PTG meetings, to preparing for classes, to playdates and soccer practice, then Bible Study and working in my studio until midnight.

I got lots done.

And there's lots to do today... two classes to teach, open house at the school, more prep work for a class on Saturday, cleaning the house, making dinner... and Asia comes home today!

I think next week may slow down a bit. Maybe.

Life is a wild ride, eh?

Smooches, friends!


  1. Hey, is that *my* recipe? If so, I demand credit! :-) It must not be the one I make, otherwise you would never be able to stop at *one* cookie. :-) Believe me, I know!

  2. mmmm cookies...I want to come be your neighbor :)

  3. Mmmm. Looks good. I always feel like baking when it gets cool outside!! I'm in the mood right now but don't have time as have a meeting at the kids' school. Maybe tomorrow??!! :o)

  4. I am seriously drooling. Nice blog :)

  5. These look amazing! Would you like to share the recipe?

    I am in awe of your willpower. I have none :)

  6. Hi Cathy! You are so busy and productive. Your cookies look perfect! I,as you know, don't ever bake. Sometimes I buy cookie dough and make that for the kids. I don't think they even know that cookies can be made from scratch!

  7. Those cookies are amazing. They are all perfectly the same. I would eat them all. And where did you get those canisters?!

  8. Lisa - aren't the canisters great? I just love them. I found them at a local gift shop - and after literally years and years of not finding canisters I loved, I knew these were IT!

    Thanks for noticing!

  9. yummy... the cookies and the canisters... and the getting things done.
    home made cookies would put my WW over the edge... I would jump off.


    :) Hugs Friend


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