Friday, September 15, 2006

Flashback Friday

JV Squad Cheerleader.
I never had any aspirations of being a cheerleader when I was a little girl.
But at the end of my freshman year, there were only three girls who were going to try out for the JV squad, and somehow, my best friend and I got talked into trying out.
We made the squad.
And then we tried out for Varsity - and made it both our Junior and Senior years.
I loved being a cheerleader.
...thoughts I have when I see this picture:
  • I was so skinny.
  • (I thought I was fat.)
  • This was the best uniform we ever had... we called them the Bumblebee sweaters.
  • That's really a lot of hair.
  • I really was just as young and innocent as I looked.
  • Wasn't I clever, with my one shoelace purple and the other one gold?

Back in 1985...


  1. You look cute, you clever girl. I dig the shoelaces.

  2. Lorraine4:39 PM

    Yah right, clever. You know you just couldn't tell your left from your right so had to color code your shoes. And, obviously you weren't from a Christian school cheerleading squad with that skirt length. Please. We had a measurement rule for how far it could be above the knee. Yours didn't comply you naughty girl. Mine never did either once I rolled up the waist band. Cheerleading . . . good memories . . . for the most part. And yes, that was a lot of hair. Count yourself blessed. It's awesome.

  3. There is so much of that girl still in you today. I can see it! Less cheering, perhaps, but more leader.

  4. Ditto on the shoelaces- I think I may have done that with see through laces when I was in Jr. High. I'm sure I have a photo around here somewhere!

  5. ok.. could you be ANY cuter? Nope, no way.

    Ok so I should tell you my cheerleading "wannabe" story sometime... I will live it through you...


  6. Here's my favorite cheer from the old days at Astoria High:

    Lutfisk, lutfisk
    Lefse, lefse
    We are the Fishermen
    Sure are
    Ya Betcha!

  7. Very funny Ken! I too laughed out loud.
    We had a young woman from Finland at the B and B this summer and I told her about the cheer we did... she starred at me in disbelief and also told me no one really loves lutefisk... I think the clash with American culture (cheerleading) and Scandinavian culture(lutefisk) was quite scary for is kind of funny - and scary at the same time.


I love it when people talk back...