Thursday, September 07, 2006


It's interesting to me how God chooses to change things about us that we perceived as deeply held facets of our personalities.

You know - things that you have held as part of your identity. Your comfort zone. Your self.

I have considered myself shy for many years.

I did not think of myself as shy when I was young. But that was because I was always surrounded by people I knew. I had a very comfortable upbringing, with very little change. If someone new came into my world, I was never intimidated or scared or shy around them, because I was still surrounded by the comfort of those I knew.

When I left the comfort of those surroundings, however, I discovered the shy part of me.

The part who is terrible at small talk. Who fears silence. Who feels dorky and self conscious.

Because Asia is SO outgoing, and SO comfortable engaging people, I've been able to hide behind his competency for many years. And it's worked for me, for the most part.

But lately, I've found myself in situations where I recognize that someone needs a friend. And it's blatently obvious to me - through and through in my heart - that I am the one who needs to be that friend.

And so I've responded.

Without even the slightest hesitation.

While I know from Whom this urging comes, I never cease to be a little amazed and perplexed by it.

Who is this Cathy who walks up to total strangers and asks them questions?
Who is this Cathy who reaches out to someone obviously ostrasized?
Who is this Cathy who overlooks appearance and choices and chooses simply to love?
Who is this Cathy who steps out of herself to focus on another?

Life is a fascinating process, isn't it?

I wonder who I am becoming.

Who are you becoming?

Are you letting God change who you thought you were?

Just some stuff to ponder on a Thursday... smooches, friends!


  1. So, do you think this new Cathy will pick up the phone and call me? ;-)

  2. Cathy - as I was reading your post I was thinking "That's me, that's me!"
    I can relate so well to growing up in that comfort zone and then being terrible at small talk :)
    Friends now tell me that can't ever believe I was shy. It was something I really worked on even though in some situations I feel myself wanting to pull back into my "turtle shell" :)
    Great post!!

  3. One thing I've been praying for is my identity in Him. It's amazing how focused prayer can be replied to...

  4. Love this post Cathy. Love that God continues to mold and shape us and never give up on us!! :o)


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