Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Separation Anxiety

Yesterday afternoon, as the kids got home from school and everyone dove into the after-school routine, I noticed that E. was particularly whiney. He doesn't have homework yet, and since both K. and S. have piano lessons on Tuesdays, he usually plays in his room, or I'll let him play on the computer. Yesterday, none of that satisfied him.

I was getting frustrated with his attitude, so I asked him,

"Are you tired from school today?"

His answer broke my heart.

"Yes, Mommy. I'm not used to being at school all day and I miss you so much."

The tears started and he continued as he crawled into my lap...

"I want to be with you and I feel like crying but I can't cry at school because I'd be embarrassed and I want a peanut butter and honey sandwich in my lunch every day."

Needless to say, we spent the afternoon snuggling on the couch and having some special 'Mommy time.'

I had no idea he was struggling with his adjustment to those long first few days of first grade. I knew I was, but thought he had been settling in.

Now I know better.

And now I get to go have lunch with him tomorrow, so we can hang out a bit at school.

We'll do that for awhile, once a week or so.

Until he's used to being gone from me all day.

He's my baby, after all.

Sweet boy...


  1. O, doesn't that just make your heart ache? What a sweet boy!

    I blogged about my kids and school today,too. From a slightly different perspective!

  2. My youngest kid, on her first day of kindergarten, asked her mom to drop her off half a block from school so she wouldn't be seen with her mom walking her in.


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