Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well color me tired!

Busy weekend, people.

I worked 9 1/2 hours yesterday, and was up at 4:00 am making samples for a stamp show this morning, then worked 10 hours today.

I've hardly seen my kids or my husband since Thursday.

Good day today though...

A month or so ago, I was involved in the ordering of this little tool. Forty-eight of them. I was convinced that we could sell each and every one of them at this show.

Last night, we demo'd it at the store.
It did not go well.
Two of them jammed.
Fasteners were breaking and flying around the room.

It was ugly.

And I thought my boss was going to have a nervous breakdown.
And I was convinced we were going to be stuck with a case of 48 Paper Taggers.

I was freaked.

So this morning, when I woke up at 4:00 am, I was crazy determined to find a way to sell these babies. And I knew, we needed samples. Lots and lots of samples. Lots of cute cards that these rubber-stamping women in North Idaho would be convinced they just had to be able to make at home.

With their very own Paper Tagger.

So I made them.

And I prayed.

"Lord, please help me sell the Paper Taggers."

I want my boss to be happy.
And successful.
Because I love my job.

Today, about 3:30, I sold the last Paper Tagger.

That's a good thing.

I showed about a gazillion women how to use it.
And they saw the samples.
And they bought.

And I'm satisfied.

And tired.

I like my job.
I like that I do it well.
I like that I accomplished something tangible today.

I love that God answers prayers.

Even prayers about scrapbooking supplies...


  1. I'll take 3!! Do I have to actually use them?

  2. Very interesting !! A tool I don't have ----
    How does this work ??
    And how much does it cost?
    Why did everyone have so much
    trouble using it at first.
    Looks pretty cool to me since I am
    a "flat scrapper."
    I just got my newly painted and rearranged scrapbook room all done and (is it possible) I have some extra room (possibly for a new tool ?)

  3. what a challenge!
    and so cool that you rose to the occasion.
    retail can be so nerve wrecking!
    Great job!
    can we see the samples? ;)

  4. I'm with Katy -- the first thing I thought was "Where are all these samples?? I want to see!!" :o) Do show us if you still have them Katy!!


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