Sunday, October 22, 2006

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  • The little counter at the bottom of the page tells me I have had over 20,000 visits to this blog. I made a big deal out of 10,000, and that feels like it was just yesterday. How in the world did I get to 20,000? Maybe I should stop coming to look at my own blog 50 times a day.
  • We had a very busy, very fun weekend. I actually got to take a class at the store - a class on carving your own rubber stamps. Fun stuff. It's so relaxing to take that carving tool and just work away at the rubber. Loved it. I can see myself spending more time playing in this medium...
  • We went to Green Bluff yesterday with the kids. This is our local farm area - with fall-ish festivities everywhere you look. We did hay mazes and corn mazes and got pumpkins and apples. I think I'm going to make applesauce today. Yum. I took tons of pictures, but haven't gotten them off the memory card yet - maybe I'll post some later.
  • My niece Aubrianne is here - I picked her up at the airport yesterday and took her to a college preview at Whitworth College. I'd LOVE to have her come to school here. The kids were so excited to see her and I literally had to peel S. off of her when we dropped her off at the school. We've never had anyone from my side of the family living in Spokane - it would be a real treat to have her here. Hope she likes the school...
  • I realized over the weekend that I don't always have to rush out of here first thing in the morning to get to my water aerobics class, since they offer an evening class too. Somehow that's made a huge difference in my mind - I don't feel so crazy busy if I know I have options. So tonight I'll go try the evening class. I really like my Monday mornings at home - so this is really a good thing.
  • Ryan, our son/brother/ex-roomie/friend is engaged. He called on Friday to tell us he was proposing that night... I was a nervous wreck all that day - so excited and happy for him. She said yes! This is an answer to lots of lots of prayer. We love Mindy and are so happy that she loves Ryan. Really. I'm just beside myself with gratitude that God brought them together. I keep doing little happy dances in my head whenever I think about it.
  • My resolution to work really hard to make good, healthy cold lunches for my kids this year is already wavering. Why is cold lunch such a pain? And why is hot lunch so awful and expensive? Ugh.
  • We discovered a leak in our hose running to the fridge last night. So for now I don't have any cold water running in my kitchen. I'm hoping my handyman guy/friend can come fix it today.
  • Time to get dressed. One of these days I'm going to stay in my jammies all day, but today is not that day.

Cheers, friends.


  1. I was so glad to hear that you loved me....and that I loved Ryan??? And then I realized that Ryan's fiance stole my name!!

    You shoulda called. We would have gone to Greenbluff with you!!

  2. Tawnya7:16 AM

    sounds like things are good. love that. hope you have a fabulous day. love you.

  3. Cathy, we didn't discover the leak in our fridge hose for a week, and it warped our Pergo. Then we just turned off the water and didn't have ice cubes or fridge water for several months. Then I kept forgetting to call the plumber. Then our plumbers went out of business. Anyway, Bob fixed it himself this weekend. There was extra hose, so he could cut off the end, and just bought a new part where it attaches to the fridge. But this only worked because there was extra hose and the hole was close to the fridge rather than close to the wall. Otherwise he'd have been under the house crawling around. I hope you have your water back soon.


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