Monday, October 09, 2006

Murky Monday

I want to be back.

Really, I do.

But my brain isn't functioning well today.

We'll give this a go and see how lucid I can be... bear with me.

My week without blogging was nice - a great time to reflect and pray and rejuvenate - several times I found myself wanting to blog about something and had to remind myself that reflecting alone is good for me sometimes. I may still share some stories, because there are some good ones, but for now I will hold onto some things until I get my blogging groove back.

Thanks to those of you who are praying for Corey and her family. I am surprised at the amount of stress and concern this has caused me - since these people are far removed from my daily life. However, what they lack in daily (or even monthly or yearly) contact, they make up in the sheer amount of cumulative influence they have had in my life. These are such dear people to my heart and I have spent more time in tears this past few days than I have in years and years - probably since the death of my grandparents. My body has born the brunt of my worries and I've been exhausted and just plain weary... empathy is an interesting phenomenon - I can hardly believe how physically I feel pain for this family I love so much.

For an update, Charlie defies the doctors and continues to improve. He is off oxygen and should be moving out of the intensive cardiac care unit today. Please continue to pray for healing, as 2/3 of his heart is damaged. It is possible for some of it to regenerate - so pray to that end.

We are experiencing another gorgeous fall here in Spokane. I remember saying last year that I didn't think I'd ever seen a more beautiful show of autumn glory - well, this year is giving 2005 a run for it's money. Everything is just amazingly colorful - reds, oranges, yellows - it's really awe inspiring.

I'm off to package up a bunch of paper - sold 240 sheets of old scrapbooking paper on ebay recently and made over $140. Bonus! I love getting rid of stuff I'll never use and I LOVE EBAY!

So - I guess I'm back.

(And I managed to make complete sentences even!)

Cheers, everyone. Love you.

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  1. Tawnya2:08 PM

    I love you girl. You are the best!


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