Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Why, oh why do I list things on ebay? Because that means I have to go to the post office. I hate the post office. *whine*
  2. Here it is, almost a year after we finished our kitchen remodel and I still love EVERYTHING about it. Especially my fridge. I didn't know I could love an appliance, but I do. As I was digging through the freezer this morning looking for an ice pack for E's lunch I though "I love my fridge." Silly.
  3. My new favorite CD? Edwin McCain - Messenger. Wow. What a voice.
  4. Gracie has claimed our Larry Boy plush toy as her own. Poor Larry's eyes are chewed beyond belief. I wonder if there is a home for the blind in Veggie Tale Land.
  5. The weather? 29 degrees this morning. Brrrr!
  6. I made chili and corn muffins for dinner last night. Does anyone remember Kenny Roger's Roasters restaurants? I have their corn muffin recipe and it's TO DIE FOR! I could eat ten. But I didn't. I ate one.
  7. Gracie got a new collar the other day. She had outgrown her last one. The new one is olive green with orange and yellow dots - so cute. Matches her pretty fawn coat beautifully. Spoiled dog.
  8. Class today - Anna Griffin. Easy peasy.
  9. Working today to get the first edition of the school newpaper out... it's been fun, but I'm frustrated not knowing the program (Adobe InDesign) well enough to really know what I'm doing. Looking into a class offered by the school district to help with that. I love the photography I get to do for the paper - and found an amazing program to help make photo collages. Check out Lumapix. Very fun.
  10. Time for a shower. Wish I didn't have to do that every day. So boring.

Have a terrific Tuesday, chums!


  1. mornin' friend!
    Welcome back to blogland. It's nice to have your life back where I can see it.

  2. 29 degrees? Girl, you need to come visit me in SD- we're in the high 80s today! I know this was posted a week or two ago, but still, shiver me timbers!


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