Thursday, November 09, 2006

Codeine, anyone?

I woke up this morning with the worst headache I've had in years. Truly, I could barely function. Talking brought tears to my eyes.

I told the kids I needed them to basically get themselves ready without my help this morning.

And that's when I had the privilege of seeing my almost ten-year old daughter truly rise to the occasion. She cleaned up after breakfast. Loaded the dishwasher. Made her little brother's lunch. Brought me a cup of coffee, complete with a homemade, taped-on-napkin sleeve so the cup wouldn't feel too hot. She reminded her brothers to keep their voices down. And made sure I had a blanket. And told me if I didn't want to bring cupcakes to school today for her birthday, I didn't have to.

She was such a blessing to me.

I called Asia, and he said he would pray for my headache to go away.

I took lots of ibuprofin.

And now I feel better. A little green around the gills, but my head doesn't hurt anymore.


These pictures are just a few things that made me smile this morning, even in the midst of excrutiating pain.

Life's little blessings.

(I'm taking her the cupcakes.)


  1. Way to go, S!! My kids made their lunches and got ready to go to school on their own yesterday, too. (Read my blog for the dirty details of my illness. :-() I dropped them off at school, and took a sick day from work.

  2. oh i feel your pain. NOT fun. glad you are feeling better...

  3. that's awesome - i think she deserves cupcakes! you should be very proud of her. :) glad you're feeling a bit better.


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