Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give thanks

For warm, dry houses,
And good health.
True love.
Hot showers.
Latte stands.
Puppy kisses.
The beach.
For good friends.
And extended family.
For snuggly kids
and new slippers
and cherry filled Hershey kisses.
For comfy jeans.
A soft bed.
And good memories.
Give thanks.
'Cause God is good.
It's all good
in light of mercy and love
and unmerited favor.
Give thanks.


  1. Tawnya6:50 PM

    I couldnt say it any better than that friend... blessings!

  2. aww... very sweet list.
    I am also a fan of the cherry Hershey kisses. YUMM-OH!

    I like the pictures and new template, but some of the titles or links are a hard color to see (or am I blind). It could very well be that I am blind.

    I love tradition too... and sausage in stuffing. I would like to know howw to play pinochle. If we ever meet, would you teach me?

    Have a quiet Sunday.


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