Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Princess for a Day

S.'s birthday was just lovely.

Everything I think a tenth birthday should look like.

Asia has a buddy who grew up in Leavenworth who was also there over the weekend.

And his Mom owns two horses.

So Savannah got to ride.
(She is her mother's and grandmother's daughter and loves horses...)

And open presents.

And have birthday brownies.

She's a lovely ten year old, I think.

Love this girl.

Love who she is becoming.

Love all that she is.

Happy 10th birthday, Sweet Girl.


  1. Welcome back! I trust you are refreshed and ready to dive back in to life. Happy birthday S!!!

  2. Hey, Cathy.

    I've been busy, too. Been thinking of you, though. What a sweetheart you have, there. I think your pride in her is very well-deserved.

    Love your new template.

    *smile* Nice to see you, too.

  3. She is just so beautiful. What a blessed mama you are!


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