Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

  1. There really are any number of things I should be doing right now... but more than anything I have two scrapbooking projects that should have been done days ago. And they're not done. And I don't want to do them. Sometimes it sucks to have to scrapbook when I'm not feeling it. And yes, I'm whining.
  2. E. lost his second top tooth. His grin is totally predominated by the classic huge hole of the first-grader... he looks pretty cute, and is loving the accompanying lisp.
  3. Gosh it's windy and stormy out the last couple of days. Reminds me of living in Oregon. This is why we left Oregon - to get out of the rain.
  4. S. has a birthday this weekend. She's turning ten. TEN, people. My little baby girl. She gets to get her ears pierced. But she doesn't know it yet... I bought her the cutest little pair of earrings to wrap up.
  5. I ate leftover bruschetta tomatoes for lunch - on Wheat Thins. Yum. But boy, do I smell like garlic now.
  6. I got to teach a craft to a local MOPS group this morning... a little mini-album. I did MOPS when I had babies. It was fun to be there, but also made me a little happy to not be worrying about naps and breastfeeding and carseats any longer...
  7. When I got home there were two messages from E. at school - he apparently left his lunch in the car, and forgot to wear his tennis shoes - and it's P.E. day... Obviously, I couldn't rescue him. It will be interesting to hear how he managed his day. I'm all for natural consequences, especially when it comes from irresponsibility, but I hate to think of my baby being upset because he couldn't participate in P.E... I hope he liked whatever they had for hot lunch.
  8. I really want chocolate today.
  9. The conversation at the dinner table the other day? Whether the phrase is properly said "Whoever supplied it, denied it." or "Whoever denied it, supplied it." I have to state that I was not part of the conversation. And that I'd never heard the phrase before that. But it was very important to the kids to get it right. Honestly. When I was a kid we just came right out and asked "Who cut the cheese?" (And I still don't know who caused the noise that precipitated the conversation. Frankly, I don't want to know. I just know it wasn't me. And no, I did not supply it...)
  10. There are so many pine needles on my front lawn that you cannot see the grass. If the wind would ever stop blowing I'd get those slaves/kids out there to rake...

Happy Tuesday, ya'll.

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  1. MMmmm.... brushetta on wheat thins. I'm gonna have to try that. I have a yummy recipe in mind, too!


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