Monday, January 22, 2007



I've been dying to get some snow pictures posted, and pics of my new shelving, and ended up running around like a crazy woman all day instead.

Now, I should be helping the kids with homework. And instead, I'm blogging. Just a quickie though...laundry to fold, dinner to make, kids to direct.

The shelves went up in my studio Saturday night. I am one happy chickie. Seriously, getting all this stuff up and off my desk and other surfaces has changed the 'feel' of my studio tremendously. I can breathe in there again. Good stuff.

Don't they look great?
And look - there's still space to put more!!! I need to go get some baskets or something to put on that large open shelf... LOVE the crisp, clean design of these. Now, of course, I'm motivated to get in my studio - and finished up some design work last night. Amazing what a clean slate will do for your creative spirit.

We're all fighting colds here lately. Lots of sniffling and coughing. Bring on the Nyquil.

Here's a question. Why do neighbor kids come over and walk right to the bathroom and then spend ten minutes pooping in my toilet when they could have gone at home first? Honestly.

Struggling with some personal stuff lately - facing a few issues I need to confront in myself and really wishing I could just snap my fingers and change instead of having to go through the hard work of letting God shape me. Ugh. It never ends.

The pooping boy just came upstairs and asked "Kyler has facial hair?" Yes, indeed he does. Scary.

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. brooke5:43 PM

    I see a cute picture up on the 2nd shelf. Two cute girls!!! Love the color of your walls. I could totally be creative in there.
    Miss ya

  2. Anonymous4:56 AM

    As a person with tummy problems, please be kind to the pooper. Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go . . . have a heart and just buy a can of airfreshner!

  3. look at all that snow, oh my!

    the shelves look great! Lioke really really great (you can't hear the slight envy in my tone, can you?) I'm going ro send you a link to see some cool scraproom baskets-- I think you'll like 'em.


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