Saturday, January 27, 2007

One more post before I go...

I'm blogging for the very same reason I made bread pudding last night.

Avoidance is one of my better skills.

See, there are oodles of things I should be doing.

Folding laundry.
Making some meals for my family to eat while I'm gone.
Making my Costco shopping list for later today.
Writing out a schedule of the kids' acitivities for Asia.
Cleaning my house, since no one will do it in my absence.

But no, I'd rather blog. So here I am.
With a big bowl of bread pudding by my side.

SO excited for CHA. I hadn't really gotten excited until this week. I've been looking at lots of previews at Lifetime Moments... they do a great job of posting lots of the fun stuff we'll see at the show. So I've been looking. And taking notes. And wish lists. Yesterday at work I worked on labeling the poster sized map of the trade floor. Marking the must-see manufacturer's booths with a red box. Putting *'s on the booths we have coupons for. Fun stuff.

Airport - 6:30 am tomorrow.

I'm not taking my laptop. There's just no time.
I'll post when I get back.
On Thursday.
Recovery day.

I'll take lots of pictures.
Lots and lots and lots of pictures.

I get to meet my friend Susie. And my gal pal Kelly. And probably some other internet buddies. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend/week, friends.

And.... we're off!


  1. ohmygoodness, that site is like engadget for scrapbookers! Cool!

  2. sheesh.. That's me up there, sorry!

  3. Tawnya5:59 AM

    Well you are already gone and probably already there... I hope your trip is full of fabulous finds and exciting fun! Wow, one day I will get to do something like this too... sounds amazing.. until then I will live through all of you! :) ENJOY!!! Hugs, T

  4. Loved the pic of you and Susie! Anxiously waiting for a full report. :)

  5. Have fun!!
    Can't wait for an update!!


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