Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A post-holiday shopping tip for you

When you're out scouring the very sad, nearly depleted Christmas clearance aisles at your local store, do not walk past the gazillions of bags of leftover Christmas candy.

Those red, white and silver Kisses? The bags of red and silver foil wrapped Peppermint Patties? The sweet little Kissables, all decked out in their red, white and green Christmas best?

Buy them all.
Buy lots of them.

No, we're not going to save them for next year...
(We would never put year-old candy in our candy dishes...)

Here's what you do:
Bring them home.
And when your sweet little cherubs get home from school, set them to work separating all the reds and white/silvers from the greenies.

Once that is done, bag up the greens and put them in a safe place.

Place the reds and white/silvers in your favorite Valentine candy dish, and save the greens for St. Patty's Day.

There you go.
Aren't you lucky I'm such a post-holiday shopping genius?


  1. Cathy, you must have some special extra shopping gene that let's you think like that. Don't let the candy companies hear you though or they will start demanding returns so they can repackage and charge higher prices. By the way what is CHA? I will be jealous if you get to go to Disneyland at the same time.

  2. what a great idea :)

    too bad lily is too young to do the sorting for me though...

  3. I snagged a bag at 75% off (Chocolate should never be 75% off, that is just wrong, so I had to buy it) unfortunately I already ate the contents so there won't be any sorting for me.

  4. Asia will be so proud of you, Cath.
    What a money saver !
    Just feed it to your kids though.
    You don't want to lose your cute new figure : )

  5. Save the greens? Bwaahaahaa!!! Yah, sure, I'll put them in the cupboard until March. (Or not!!)

  6. Wow! You are amazing! Any more tips? I love stuff like this. :)

  7. Are those your XO dishes? Love them. You are a riot.

  8. susiej1:55 PM

    I jusy want to tell you how much I love the picture in your dining room, with all the family around. Beautiful.
    And no way, -- the chocolate wouldn't last that long if I have anything to do about it!

  9. Tawnya6:13 PM

    i miss you...


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