Friday, February 02, 2007

I've been tagged.

My lovely friend Tawnya has tagged me.

I'm it.

{List 6 quirky things about yourself}
  1. I simply cannot relax in the evening if there is schtuff lying about. I have to go around the living room and put things away and straighten things a bit before I can sit down and relax. I've even been known to get out the Pledge and dust a bit before plopping my bum down on the couch. I may be just a teeny tiny bit OCD...
  2. I am very much a 'go with the flow' scrapbooker. If I smudge ink or glue on something, I'll just change the layout so I can cover up my smudge. I don't measure. And I never preplan my pages. I just pull stuff out and start playing... it's all very organic to me.
  3. I have to have the laundry folded a certain way. If Asia goes downstairs to grab something out of the dryer and he folds things, thinking he's helping me out, I have to re-fold it the right way. Even the socks. There definitely a right and a wrong way to fold laundry.
  4. I have terrible fingernails. I don't polish. I have awful cuticles. Some are long, some are short. My hands are working hands, not pretty hands. I inherited short stubby fingers and figure there's not much I could do to make them look better, so I don't try.
  5. I don't really know what my natural hair color is anymore. I've colored it for so long - and whenever I try to go back to what I think is my natural color, it starts to grow out and I see I was wrong. It's brown. But I've dyed it auburn for so long that I identify much more with this exotic, spicy color. (Nice and Easy Medium Spice, for anyone who's wondering. I've always colored it myself.)
  6. I'll eat just about anything. But green onions and cilantro? Yech. Can't eat anything with them. I'll pick it all out if I have to.

I'm tagging Mindy. And Katy. And Steve and Ken because they're my big brothers and it's my job to bug them.

Happy Friday!


  1. ha... signs that we are NOT the same person. I can totally sit down with stuff lying around, but you come over ANY TIME!! ;)
    oh yea, and cilantro...yummo!

  2. meant to add..I'll respond to the tag tomorrow, there are things to pick up and cilantro to pick out! ;)

  3. Tawnya8:00 AM

    so glad to see you got my tag :)
    welcome back


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