Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's my birthday.

So I'm making a list.

Call them declarations.

Or 'things I know for sure'.

Some are decisions.

Some are little lessons I've learned along the way.

All are truer than true, on this, my thirty-eighth birthday.
  1. Forty isn't that old at all.
  2. Music is lovely, but silence is better.
  3. There is such a thing as the perfect childhood.
  4. Chicken and rice can be prepared a hundred different ways and still taste good.
  5. Tweezers are my friend.
  6. Dog drool is not the most disgusting thing on the planet.
  7. Levi's 515 Nouveau BootCut are the best jeans in the world.
  8. Having friends with gardens is a good thing. (Fresh produce without all the work...)
  9. I don't have to wear a wedding ring to be married.
  10. Old friendships are worth nurturing.
  11. $1 dollar a bottle Suave is just fine for my hair.
  12. One can never have too many candles.
  13. Slippers are warm. And comfy. And good.
  14. Creativity is soul food.
  15. A plate full of sauteed veggies can be more delicious than the best cake.
  16. Driving an SUV really does make one cool. (Go with me on this one... I always wanted to be cool...)
  17. The Pacific Northwest is the best place on earth.
  18. Magazines are a waste of money.
  19. Creme Brulee is the closest thing to a perfect dessert I can think of.
  20. Old and loved is often much much better than new and shiny.
  21. Multiple ear piercings? Bad idea.
  22. The laptop computer is one of the best inventions ever.
  23. Lips are better with lip balm.
  24. Brothers, while often evil as children, are wonderful as adults.
  25. Worrying is silly.
  26. Praying is peace.
  27. Loving Jesus is way more important than going to church.
  28. Snuggling is never a waste of time.
  29. I could probably live for a long time on bread alone. (Not to contradict Jesus or anything, I'm just sayin' - it's really really yummy.)
  30. A good husband can be one of life's greatest blessings.
  31. There's nothing funnier than someone passing gas in church.
  32. 38 year old women giggling uncontrollably about someone passing gas in chuch are not immature.
  33. Oprah is the anti-Christ. (I like her and all. And I'm not totally sure of this one. But I'm thinkin' she fits the description.)
  34. Cheap shoes are bad.
  35. Dust is a part of life. Embrace it.
  36. To get good mail, one must send good mail.
  37. Life goes quickly.
  38. Jesus loves me, this I know.


  1. Happy birthday!

    I hear ya on the Levi's 515s.

  2. i LOVE your list

    happy birthday :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, Cathy :) Enjoy your special day- I hope it's full of joyful things. I am sure it will be.

    P.S. SUVs are cool- but I don't think you need to drive one to fit in that category. You were already there.

  4. Happy birthday Cathie. I love your list!

  5. I'm with you on Oprah being the anti-Christ. This woman has so much power and her theology is so screwed up, but nobody seems to notice.

    By the way, age is all a perspective. When I met your father I thought his grandma was really old. Now I realize she was only 60 (course I was 17 at the time) but I now know the 60's aren't nearly as old as I then thought. : ) ! It's all about how old you feel!

  7. You've got me on everything but the candles. Scented candles give me a whopping headache. So, I guess unscented are fine. Ok, I'm with you on everything. :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet, funny, Cathy.

  8. I have said it before and I will say it again - we are sister's living parallel live son opposite coasts...Happy Birthday fellow 38 year old!! Many many more to you.

    Showe dmy family the pic of Gracie with the bone on her nose. My dh has been trying to get our boxer mix to do that forever. He is so jealous!

    Hope you had a great day.

  9. PS I have a quote I call "The Oprah-isation of the world" - she has everyone convinced if you aren't some big powerful person out there moving mountains and saving the world you are not doing enough with your life, and can't possibly be happy and satisfied. Well I say - Here's to being ordinary and making a difference!

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Cate, happy happy day. i hope you shopped til you dropped and had a good dinner. love ahh

  11. Happy Birthday Friend!!!
    Thought about you all day at work - yes I am working at a shop in town and kept saying today is a national holiday for me....have yet to get good mail in the post - it will come, are a lovely 38 and you are like a fine wine - better with age (or is that cheese?)
    Love bread too.. but I love cheese as well. and red wine... 40 will be magnificent.

  12. Happy happy birthday my friend. I hope you have had a wonderful day. Love your list!! :o)

  13. Happy Happy New Year for you! I hope that this is a wonderful year in your life.
    Dog drool is tooo gross, and my ears are pierced,like, 10 times.

  14. I hope you had a lovely birthday. Great list!

  15. I came over to wish you a Happy Birthday a little late!!
    I hope it was a great one :0)


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