Friday, March 23, 2007

These things make me happy today...

My lilac out front... just waiting to pop open!

Easter goodies...

Art a la E...
(and hung up with lots of tape by the artist himself)

Daffodils peeking their heads out beneath the leaves I should have raked last fall...

The shelf in S.'s room - full of Beanie puppies

Gracie waiting for the kids to walk home from school... oh when oh when oh when oh when oh when are they going to come around the corner?
Happy Friday, friends!

Have a lovely weekend.

It's SPRING!!!


  1. Tawnya11:56 AM

    these are wonderful things...
    hugs friend!

  2. What a fun post, Cathy- Love the photo of Gracie looking and looking and waiting for her shorter family members to come home.

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend.

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    The photo of Gracie waiting is the cutest one ever!


I love it when people talk back...