Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday... time for ten.

  1. Every once in awhile my house is overtaken by strange alien creatures who do as they're told and who are ready for school long before they need to be. They even do their chores without being asked - and get up and shower without my dragging them from their beds. It's downright freaky.
  2. We're writing out the schedule for the next four months at work... I've got some fun stuff in the works... a funky Studio Muse, a new monthly technique class, some home decor, and several fun mini books. It's always fun to plan...
  3. Blustery spring day out there... the kids have been wearing shorts to school - they're crazy - because it's still cold. But they see the sun and they're ready to go - so I let them. You've gotta choose your battles, ya' know.
  4. Next week is early release at school for conferences. And then Spring Break. The kids and I will be heading to Astoria to visit my parents for part of the week. Love going to Astoria... love the beach, the bakery, the Fultano's pizza...
  5. I'm sort of in a holding pattern as far as making samples for my upcoming classes - since I'm waiting for product in many cases. Guess what that means? I'VE BEEN SCRAPBOOKING!!! FOR MYSELF!!! Three pages in the last three days. And I've got the itch to be in my studio... it's flowing, people. Love that! Here's some of what I've done..

  6. I talked to a friend at church about giving the older two kids guitar lessons next year. They've both had three years of piano, and while I'd love for them both to continue, I think their interest is waning. I never learned to play guitar and REALLY wish I had, so I think we'll continue their musical education down that route. I'm going to try to teach E. piano on my own, to save some $$$. He likes to play already, and those beginner books are pretty easy squeezy... and my ten years of lessons ought to help.
  7. I hate showering. If I could skip this necessary evil, I would. Oh, to roll out of bed every day and be able to just get dressed, without any of the drippy wetness of showering. And the noisy nuisance of blowdrying my hair. And the creams and lotions and makeup. I should have been born in the bushes of New Guinea where they never bathe. Such freedom!
  8. This website makes me want to spend money.
  9. I found my new favorite thing at Costco... sweet potatoes in a bag, already cut into french fries. All you have to do is season them and roast them - and you have the most delicious yumminess ever. I have a great recipe for them. A little olive oil, some salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder and garlic... they're SO delish. Seriously.good.eating.
  10. E. desperately wants to grow his hair out... but as many of you know, he has problem hair... hair that sticks out every which way. Hair that is not condusive to being longer than, say, 1/2 an inch... But he wants to grow it. "I want to see if I can get it to stick up and touch the ceiling, Mom..." Oh dear. It's presenting problems already, because now, every morning, he feels the need to comb it. Apparently, until it's reached the pinnacle of hair coolness that touching the ceiling would be, it's necessary to try to tame it. Problem is: it's untamable. But that doesn't stop him from trying. And it's not even that long yet... we're in for a long haul, I think.

Smoochy-smooches, friends. Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. LOVE your layouts Cathy
    I may just scraplift some of the ideas.
    Looking forward to you guys being here for spring break ! Now I know why you always schedule it around
    Monday nights : ) PIZZA AT FULTANO'S - YEAH. The only time we go is when someone is here. That good old BLT pizza.
    Love ya

  2. I wonder why you could have been thinking of pizza? :0
    Love the layouts, Cath. That balck and white with the shot of yellow is beautiful.
    I am going to have to find the sweet potatoes, that recipe sounds good, and easy!

  3. Lorraine11:56 AM

    Everything about the yellow daffodil page makes me feel great. Fantastic work, it should be framed and hung.

  4. I think your layouts are just awesome- I'm so glad you're in your studio- for you! I wish I could read the journaling, but they won't pop up and anyway, they probably aren't any of my business. It's like peeking into a neighbor's front window at night when their lights are on, right?


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