Thursday, March 29, 2007

What would you do?

This summer is my 20 year high school reunion.

First of all, can I just ask - how the heck did that happen?
'Cause I just graduated, people.
(Okay, maybe not, but 20 years? Geez.)

I went to my 10 year. And I enjoyed it. I was a little surprised by how few people had settled down at that point. Corey and and I were the only ones there that I talked to who had had more than one child and been married for more than just a year or two... lots of people were just starting down that path, and we were both pretty firmly entrenched in family life. But in all, I enjoyed seeing people. And catching up on their lives. And discovering that some of them had turned into lovely adult-people. Even some of the jerks.

The reunion this year is in July. On the same weekend of a pretty important wedding here in Spokane. (The 600 invitation bride's wedding.) We love this young couple. A lot.

Do I stay in Spokane and go to the wedding?
Or do I go to Astoria and go to my reunion?

I'm thinking a wedding with 600 invitees, and I'm not going to be missed much... and Asia and the kids would go, for sure.

And I LOVE going to Astoria.

But what if the reunion is akward? What if none of my friends show up? What if I'm a wallflower after all these years?

I do have to say, I'm in a good position to show up at a reunion... with all my working out and losing weight for the cruise, I'm pretty much rockin' the fab... And I've got some great new clothes I could bust out for the occasion. But still. I've been out of touch with EVERYONE from highschool. Haven't touched base with any of them since the ten year reunion. And seriously - going alone could be just awful. (Corey probably can't come... so there goes my secrity blanket...)

Staying home and going to the wedding with people I know and love would sure be a lot safer. And more comfortable. And I'm less likely to be surrounded by drunks there than at the reunion, for sure.

It's a dilema.

What would you do?


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    My vote is to skip the reunion. Your life is all about now--not who you were 20 years ago. I think the five minutes of looking great and making an entrance is not worth it. Then what? Spend the night talking to virtual strangers? Now, you can balance the night out with a great visit to it could be fun...but I vote for the wedding with your family.


  2. not sure, wait and see who is going?
    I had a blast at my 20. I too was settled in life before 95% of my class. At 10 years they were all...really? kids?
    At 20 they were all talking in my ear asking for advice on how to raise boys. ;) I had a blast. But we also had a small class, so everyone knew everyone.
    Wait and see...that's my answer. You have time before the rsvp's are due, don't you?

  3. Safe=boring. Go off to Astoria! You totally need to be there so that everyone can hate you for being so cute!

  4. I went to my 25, it was so much fun even though I was one of the outcasts in HS. I ended up hanging with the people I attended elementary school with, there were 9 people there from my kindergarten class. All the little kid stories were so funny! It was great to see what kind of people they had become.

  5. Hi Cathy,
    This year is my 20th reunion as well. I´m with you, what is up with being 20 years out of high school I am too young for that. I still have a hard time feeling like a grownup. I would love to go to my 20th but living in Argentina makes it a little hard. It would be fun to live vicariously through your experience. I am with Kelly, take the chance and go to Astoria and show off your fabulousness. (not sure if that is a word but this is blogland.)

  6. BROOKE9:55 PM


  7. I don't believe for one moment that you would be a wallflower. I don't know what I would do- But i would want someone that Iknow to be there, that's safe. Sorry, I'm no help.


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