Monday, April 16, 2007

Random blah-blah-blah-ing for your Monday morning perusal

Laundry's started.

Walked the dog - a nice l-o-n-g walk...

Up early-early to take Asia to the airport... he's in Vancouver this week. He's been home for several weeks, so he was looking forward to being back on the road, doing the part of his job he really loves. When he's home he does a lot of busy, office work. Not his favorite thing.

Good weekend - lots of work on Saturday, a demo and a class, then Sunday lunch with girlfriends and coffee later with another girlfriend. Good stuff. Can't complain.

Volunteering at school later today - the PE bike unit. Sixty 4th graders on bikes. WOW! That'll be interesting.

Ebay auctions ending today... making lots of money for the cruise on scrapbooking stuff I'll never use. Love that!

Joined Netflix. Just the cheap $4.99 2-movies-a-month membership. We figured that's all we have time to watch - and it's cheaper than pay-per-view or the video store. Love the whole 'delivered to your door and no late fee' thing.

Just discovered edamame at Costco last week. So yummy with a little freshly ground garlic salt. And wow, is it filling! Good stuff.

Time to shower.

Happy Monday - it's the best day of the week, you know.

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  1. Hi Cathy, let me know how you like Netflix. We've been thinking about joining too.
    I hope the bike unit went well. ;)


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