Friday, May 04, 2007

Flashback Friday


That's all I can say about the look on my face.

This is me, probably around 1972...

Looking back, I think I had an inordinate amount of self-confidence as a child.

I never felt inferior or shy.

I was extremely happy.
And tenacious.
And sure.

I can attribute a lot of these things to steady parents.

I always knew what to expect.

That's a good thing for a child.

1972 was a good year.

So were 1973, 1974, 1975...

You get the picture.

I was one blessed kid.

I'll never take that for granted.

Happy Friday, friends.
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Debbie9:38 AM

    I'm pretty sure I had the same haircut as you at one time. Love the hat.

  2. Hat?? No that was a self imposed halo! My sister thought she was perfect! I was the evil big brother!

    Love you,
    Ugly Big Bro'

  3. All I can say is "What a sweet little girl."
    I agree - those were good years.
    Enjoy your children while they are home, everybody.
    They will bse out of the house before you know it.

  4. What a sweet pic, I sure hope you are going to scrap it. :)


I love it when people talk back...