Thursday, May 10, 2007


So yesterday was a fun day for me, gettin' all those comments from ya'll...

Especially from those of you who seldom comment.

I loved your comments so much I felt like I should respond to each of you individually.

So here I go.

Ken - where have you been? You don't know who Sanjaya is? He's a boy who was on American Idol and looks just like an Indian version of Kyler. It's uncanny how much he looks like him. He was a terrible singer.

Karla - maybe we should go to coffee sometime?

Rod - I love that you read my blog. You're like another big brother to me. I get warm fuzzy feelings just thinking about your visits. And yes - I do read your blog.

Patti - any friend of Kelly's is a friend of mine. Seriously. We'll have to meet next time I visit.

Corey - I suspected you might pick Rosie. And Pain Au Chocolat - YUM! Seriously - chocolate and bread are my two favorite foods in the world - put them together and I'm in heaven. Miss you, friend.

Marie - Ew. Getting sick on a plane just must be the worst. You poor dear. I'm so sorry, sweetie.

Lorraine - I'm so happy that you like reading my blog - but you must know I'm not at all 'together.' I'm a basket case most of the time. But I am happy. Love you.

Kate - Your comments always make me happy. I'm so glad you read my blog. It's just nice to know you've been here. You should comment more often, friend. *wink*

Missy - isn't it so fun to be a beezie girl and have friends all over the place? And I love your comment about how unnatural riding in planes is... I always think that... big tubes of metal should not be able to be thousands of feet in the air full of people. It's just freaky.

hmbalison - what is your first name, dear? I always want to call you Alison, but the hmb throws me off. (and guess what? You're my winner - because it will be worth it all to finally know your name after all this time that you've been reading and commenting!)

Katy - dear, dear Katy. Don't you know that drinking Diet Coke in the morning is icky for your insides? Okay - probably not any worse than coffee, but I had an anatomy teacher in high school who lectured us once about how bad soda is for you first thing in the morning. It stuck. So when you become a teacher, remember that you really can influence your students for the rest of their lives.

Deb - How about that Band and Strings Spectacular? Wasn't it spectacular? I looked and looked for Nora, but unfortunately she wasn't wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and I couldn't spot her. Have I told you that Kyler is in love with her again? He was so disappointed that we couldn't go to bible study last night because he 'just had to see Nora...' Ah - young love...

Copley Family - I'll get right on that book publishing thing... but only if you promise to be my manager.

Mom - it's so weird that you're going to be here on Saturday - but I won't see you... SO glad you're staying after the cruise so we can see you. Sanjaya would adore you, I'm sure.

Kelly - okay. So I never call. Don't you know I hate the phone? But I did send you a package yesterday... I'm working on that 40 year old single guy...

Andi - Yay! I really wanted you to comment too - and you did! I think we should be friends. Smooch you!

Chrissy - one of the things I'm looking forward to most on the cruise is sleeping in... and not having to get up for any reason at all except because I feel like it. Can you even imagine? Love you too, friend.

Min - you made me laugh out loud with the 'he won't bleed into my chair' comment. Good point! It was great to see you Tuesday. Was the pool warm enough?

So there we go.

Wasn't that fun?

And in case you didn't read all the way through all of those - hmbalison won the Starbucks card - but only if she comments here and tells me her first name!

Thanks for playing, friends.
We'll do it again soon!

Happy Thursday.


  1. Thanks for visiting. If you want to run another contest I will provide some prizes from the Title Wave, signed books and such.

  2. Wow, where did the commenters go today? 19 was an amazing #! Bribes work! Maybe I'll try that on my own blog....

  3. ;)
    yea, I know.
    It's my with it. :)

    I'll probably put my dc in a travel coffee cup when I'm teaching so that it doesn't spill. But then they'll think I drink it and given my name that will be the theme of presents I recieve on teacher appreciation day. ;) (this is already the case.. I might have to start drinking it in defense, or I'll be surrounded by gift baskets! ;) ;) )

  4. hmbalison5:09 PM

    Hi Cathy,
    For some reason, I'm having trouble leaving a comment.

    My name IS Alison. Thanks for making me the winner! HMB relates to the name of my town: Half Moon Bay.

    I originally found your blog thru the blog, "A Circle of Quiet" who knows "A New Song" who knows you.
    I've kept coming back to visit your window on the world.

    Thanks for making my day.

  5. Yes, let's have coffee! When you get back from your cruise we will set it up. Looking forward to meeting you face to face instead of blog to blog.

  6. Sorry Cathy, but I kind of consider it a point of pride that I've never watched American idol. It's my own form of private rebellion against pop culture.

  7. I love that you commented back!!! That was fun! I'd love to be your friend. The coastal thing may be tough though!
    can't wait to play again, and will try real hard to comment more. :)

  8. PS Ken - I thought I was the only one on earth that hadn't seen Idol, Survivor or any of those so called "reality" tv shows. They want reality they can come hang out at my house for week!


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