Monday, June 18, 2007

A Photo a Day All Summer Long- Day One

In the process of deep cleaning rooms, the kids all pulled out their school bins and sorted through what to keep and what to toss - making room for all the newly-brought-home stuff from the past school year.
Of course, everyone got distracted from sorting and ended up reading and reminiscing and laughing at old drawings and writings...
That's one of the best things about a good 'deep clean,' I think...
the distracting qualities of the piles of stuff we find when we go beneath the surface...
I do the same thing when I clean, don't you?


  1. A good cleaning-out ALWAYS clears the sinuses, so to speak. I love deep-cleaning days, Cath. Looks like you guys are having fun.

  2. Your children? All grown up. Weren't they just born?
    So, when are you free?

  3. Going through old piles and such is one of my allt-ime favorite things to do. Seriosuly. I love a walk down memory lane :)


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