Friday, September 21, 2007

Ahhh - it's Friday.

  • I'm learning a bit of Krio (Seirra Leonean Creole)... Bololo = worms, titi = girl, bobo = boy, wo-wha = bad... we have the most interesting conversations in Krio. Ow di bohdi? It's a fun launguage to learn and speak...
  • We have an oral surgeon who has agreed to do surgery on Tejan's jaw. Have I mentioned his jaw problems here? I can't remember. Anyway - he needs surgery on his jaw and there is a very gracious doctor who is working very very hard to assemble a team of doctors here to perform the difficult procedure. It will be a much harder recovery than his leg surgery... and he will be here longer than originally planned. I'm good with it... it absolutely needs to be addressed. I just have to gear up for more time in the hospital. And pray for healing again... and strength.
  • I'm working today. Good to get a bit of time out of the house.
  • We have other Sierra Leoneans coming to town this weekend... Quami, who is a staff member at the children's home where Tejan lives, and two other children who are in the States for fundraising events... Eddie and Masa. Tejan is beside himself with excitement that they are coming. I can't wait to meet them. Apparently Quami has very big muscles. That's about all I know. He's speaking at our church on Sunday - sharing his survival story from the war.
  • I'm off to run a few errands before work... Tejan went to school today so I'm reveling in how quickly I can get in and out of the car to get things done! Praying he can make it until the end of the day without pain...

Happy Weekend, friends.

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  1. Just me saying hello. I also want to tell you that you are one amazing woman.


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